Simply first , Coordinates Hangzhou ,14 Bachelor degree , Count the interview in Alibaba last year , There were interviews 6 Company ( Because I don't want to ask for leave , So I just go to other companies for an interview every night , So there are few companies interviewed )

<> Among them, the successful ones are 4 home , in addition 2 The reason for home failure is :

1. The understanding of system knowledge is not comprehensive enough , In the last round of supervisor interview , The supervisor asked in detail , Finally, because I won't answer , Just go back and wait for the notice .

2. Another failure was a small company , The number itself is not very large , After the interview, I learned more about it , The other party thinks my basic skills are good , However, the actual project experience is still lacking , Because the other party is a start-up company , You need someone to work , So I'm not particularly suitable for their team at this time .

As for the other four successful companies , They gave me very high evaluation in the interview. It seems that , But I don't want to keep a running account , So don't list the interview process of each company one by one , The following is mainly about being a job manager 3 year -5 Some skills that a software testing engineer should have and some other personal insights :

<>1. Entry stage

You may have just graduated from school at this stage , Or maybe from other industries , It will be like the subject , There are a series of questions about the software testing industry , For example, what are the prospects ? Is the salary high ? How much overtime ? How to learn zero Foundation ? What skills do you need to learn to find a job ?

In fact, these are not important , The important thing is that you must understand what this industry does , Are you suitable for this industry .

When the training was hot a few years ago , Many students heard “ The prospect is good , High Internet salary , Don't write code , You do not have to work overtime? , The older, the more popular ” Boast of , They put their brains into this industry . How many years , I didn't make any money , Technology has not precipitated , If you can't get along, you can only change careers again .

If you're like the subject , I haven't entered this industry or just started to understand it , Then you must think about a few questions :

* Can you accept the pace of work in the Internet industry ?
* Do you really love this industry , At least have enough enthusiasm to study ?
* Can your learning ability keep you from falling behind in the ever-changing wave of technology ?

First, as the Internet industry , There must be overtime , Even if not 996, There must also be urgent tasks or online , Ask yourself if you can accept this pace of work . If you get there, you're going to go online , Overnight is also common , You left work the next morning , Your colleague just went to work with breakfast .

secondly , If you have basic enthusiasm for this industry , Or I don't hate this industry , Then at least you can have the motivation to study , Self drive , In this way, you can ensure that your work is not a pain to yourself .

last , Internet industry , Technology changes with each passing day , Be able to go on in the software testing industry for a long time , We must keep learning . If you hate learning , Or less self-motivated , That doesn't suggest you enter this industry .

If above 3 There are no problems in any aspect , So congratulations on getting to the next stage .

<>2. Primary stage

At this stage , You've started the test , Even the most basic point , You already know what the Internet enterprise testing process looks like , It can be said that this is your most vigorous time .

Embarrassment when you encounter problems at work , Respect when meeting the great God , Will become your motivation to strive for knowledge . Reading books , Watch open classes , Visit the Forum , Your knowledge and skills will expand dramatically at this stage .

But this time , In particular, we should pay attention not to rush to medical treatment .

I don't have a solid foundation at this stage , Start learning automation , In the end, I didn't understand anything . Business ability is the most important , Automatic play again , It's just an aid . Weak foundation , the earth trembled and the mountains swayed .

<>3. Intermediate stage

You at this time , Maybe it has been tested 1-2 Years , A lot of work is also handy , The salary is also basically stable , I know more about technology , But I still feel like I can't do anything .

yes , You lack in-depth research in a certain direction !

At the intermediate stage of software testing industry , A problem that must be faced is in which direction should I further develop . Automation or performance ?Python still Java?APP still web?

Let me give you some advice from my experience :

* About the development direction

whether APP The test is good ,web The test is good , Or want to study automation , Or want to specialize in performance , Everything is OK . There's nothing so-called, okay , What matters is whether you like it or not , If you feel tired of performance , There is no sense of achievement without automated testing , Then concentrate on studying automated testing . Just specialize in one direction , After a period of time, you can become a great God .

* About language selection

Before, I wrote an answer about the language choice of software test engineers , Simply put , When I first came into contact , Can choose Python, Get started faster , More flexible , Advanced stage , Respond to larger business forms , You have to learn Java. Technical , It's normal to speak many languages .

* Performance testing or automation
For automated testing , Don't be led by it , Don't exaggerate the role , And don't automate for the sake of automation .

Performance testing can be somewhat more difficult than automation . code , Operation and maintenance , Computer principle , database , Business, etc , You have to understand . It's OK to write scripts or execute them , The difficulty is performance analysis and tuning . Of course, if you don't have high requirements for yourself at this stage , Then it is enough to master the basic process of performance testing and simple performance analysis . More, such as building a pressure measurement environment , Monitor performance indicators, etc , We still need to accumulate experience in actual combat .

For these two aspects , I suggest you all study , Because of the current recruitment demand , All are standard configuration requirements .

<>4. Advanced stage

If you're already a veteran of the software testing industry , I believe you a lot “ pit ” It's all stepped on .

At this stage , It can be said that it is the biggest career development bottleneck of software test engineers . Great gods in the industry , Also broke through this stage , To achieve new development .

Generally at this stage , Will face 3 Development in two directions :

* technician

The road is rough , But it is also the most resistant . If you're not good at relationships , Don't ask about the world , And have a strong interest in technology , Then I suggest you take the road of technology . Usually more code , More communication with developers , Write some test platforms or test tools . At the same time, the development ability should also be good , In this way, you can become a high-level test development engineer .

* Management direction

Tired of doing technical work , More tired of management , Because dealing with people is the most complicated . We should coordinate the relationship between superiors and subordinates , We should also make overall arrangements for all work . If you like to take the management route , Don't break away from business and only do management , It is suggested to be a technical manager , While leading the team , Constantly improve their technology . On the one hand, it is difficult to convince the public because of poor technology , On the other hand, it is also to train their ability to implement some team schemes . Although management “ life cycle ” Longer than pure technology , But we must not give up technology .

* Transfer to other
research and development , product , Operation and maintenance , Or start a business , They are all new ways out after facing the bottleneck . Especially entrepreneurship , Don't be hasty , I've seen too many entrepreneurs fail and come back to work , There's nothing left .

that , As a software test engineer , How to work hard to quickly become an excellent test development leader , Or performance test boss , Or as a software testing engineer, what knowledge system do you need to master . This is not only a software testing engineer who has just entered the workplace , He is also an engineer who began to be confused after working for three or five years , Must face and understand the problems .

<>1. Pre basic knowledge :

* Fundamentals of computer
* Test theory
* HTML Basics
* CSS Basics
* JS Basics

<> two ,linux And database

* linux
* Database introduction
* SQL language ( a key )
* Advanced database features

<> three , Test basis

* Software testing theory
* Software life cycle
* Test method and classification
* test case design
* defect management
* web Project practice
* Test management tools

<> four , programming + data structure

* Python Basics
* object-oriented
* exception handling
* Modules and packages

<> five ,WEB automation

* WEB Introduction to automation
* WEB Automation foundation
* WEB Automation intermediate
* WEB Automation advanced
* Project practice

<> six , Mobile automation

* Fundamentals of mobile automation
* Mobile automation intermediate
* Mobile automation advanced

<> seven , Interface test

* Interface Foundation
* postman Implement interface test
* Database operation
* Code implementation interface test
* Continuous integration
* Interface test extension

<> eight , performance testing

* Performance test basis
* Performance test tool
* project - Interface performance test
* project -web performance testing
* Performance test tuning

<> nine , Comprehensive project practice

functional testing ,ui automated testing , Interface test , performance testing

<> summary :

I believe that if you master all the knowledge and skills above , And can be used flexibly , a monthly salary 20k The above is not a problem

So come on , Test people

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