IP Address conflict is a common problem in network management . Especially inside the enterprise LAN , Due to the existence of control strategy , There will always be someone trying to modify it IP Address to bypass control , Get more Internet access and higher bandwidth . Modified IP Once sent to the company's server IP conflict , It will directly affect the normal operation of office and business . Is there a solution ? Actually, there are , Let's look at it today .

With the wide application of network , So that the network scale continues to expand , Corresponding IP Address allocation is also increasing ,IP The phenomenon of address conflict is increasing day by day , To some extent, it affects the normal operation of the network . Maintain network stability , Efficient operation , solve IP Address conflict problem , It has become one of the important tasks in network management , happen IP What are the causes of the conflict ? How to solve IP What about the conflict ?

one , personal IP Address conflict resolution

1, If the operating system of the computer you are using is :windows(windows7 or window10 All right ).

Life signaling is needed here :

ipconfig /release release IP address .

Then you need ipconfig /renew Get it again .

Let's see how to solve their problems :

You can click on the lower left corner “ start ”→“ function ”, typing :ipconfig /release, click “ determine ”, hold ip Address release .

The network will be disconnected , because ip The address has been released .

Click again “ start ”→“ function ”, typing :ipconfig /renew, click “ determine ”, Reacquire ip address , Can be solved IP Address conflict .

The network will reconnect , but ip The address is different from the original , Reassigned to available ip The address is connected to the network .

two , LAN IP Address conflict resolution

Scheme I , Check one by one

This is the most primitive method , Just happen IP Address conflict , In LAN , Check next to each computer , Modify after finding the computer that conflicts with it IP Just the address . But it takes time , It is also not suitable for use in large LAN , It is only suitable for small network environment .

Scheme II ,MAC Address binding

1, Check the of the local computer MAC And bind : By running in the local computer system Winipcfg/all, You can measure the of the network card MAC address .

So how to bind ip Address and mac What about the physical address ?

First enter cmd Enter command Configurator , Then enter the command ipconfig/all, View native ip and mac Address situation .

Input string command “arp -s 34-F3-9A-2B-9E-13“, Can bind .

Then enter the command arp -a Query whether the binding is successful .

Obviously , Default gateway address Is successfully bound 36-F3-9A-2B-9E-13
MAC It's on the address , If other workstations rush to use the Internet in the future Address time , There will be a failure to access the Internet , In this way, the operation stability of the whole LAN can be guaranteed .

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