<>Linux Host configuration network IP address

<> one , Configure network profile
#Linux Server network profile in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts lower [root@localhost network-scripts
]# ls ifcfg-ens33 ifdown-eth ifdown-post ifdown-Team ifup-aliases ifup-ipv6 ifup
-post ifup-Team init.ipv6-global ifcfg-lo ifdown-ippp ifdown-ppp ifdown-
TeamPort ifup-bnep ifup-isdn ifup-ppp ifup-TeamPort network-functions ifdown
ifdown-ipv6 ifdown-routes ifdown-tunnel ifup-eth ifup-plip ifup-routes ifup-
tunnel network-functions-ipv6 ifdown-bnep ifdown-isdn ifdown-sit ifup ifup-ippp
ifup-plusb ifup-sit ifup-wireless # Select first ens33 File configuration

# After configuration , The network service needs to be restarted [root@localhost network-scripts]# systemctl restart network
<> two , Description of network profile parameters
【NAME】: The corresponding value is the network card name , It's for users 【DEVICE】: The value represents the name of the physical device , That is, the name of the network card 【TYPE】: Network type , Generally Ethernet 【ONBOOT】:
Indicates whether to activate this network interface at startup 【BOOTPROTO】: Value indicates how to configure host network parameters , Can be the following values : 1)none/static— Manually configure this host network ;
2)dhcp— use dhcp Protocol dynamic configuration host network parameters ; 3)bootp— use BOOTP Protocol dynamic configuration host network parameters 【IPADDR】: Value indicates the current network interface IP address
【NETMASK】: Subnet mask of the current network interface 【GATEWAY】: Default gateway IP address 【DN1,2】: Value representation DNS Server IP address , You can add two DNS The server .

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