<> error

I use alicloud's lightweight server
I have found many solutions, but most of them are to modify the file Replace the image address in the file with the address of domestic Ali
But that's not the problem at all
The server I bought has been configured in advance yum Address of
It took me a long time to change the document The result is still not good
Remember to back up
In case you delete the wrong file, you can still find the source file by backup, otherwise it will be a little troublesome ( Maybe not at all )

<> resolvent

My solution is to delete the file
You come first /etc/yum.repos.d This place
Find the reason why the error exists is because of you Linux There are duplicate files on it
Directly report the wrong one CentOS-AppStream.repo Delete it and it's done
appear ‘AppStream‘ Delete your mistakes CentOS-AppStream.repo

<>failovermethod=priority error

This error is also recorded
This error is because this configuration is no longer required
The solution is simple
Delete it and it's done
Find this and that folder Just comment out this line and you're done

<> Digression

I did two things in one day whole yum Heel configuration MySQL
I really stepped on all the holes I could step on
See the online course of Shangshan Silicon Valley Because this part of the online class they are 18 Recorded in
Their system is still centos6.8 Faked mysql Also 5 What version I can't help but find the information and learn to install it myself But now the information on the Internet is really inexhaustible Several articles jump back and forth
The same article appears on several different websites at the same time The title is still different It's really God
It's really not easy to learn something

<> If you are alicloud lightweight server

2022 year 3 month 1 Daily update
Alibaba cloud servers yum It has been configured and can be used completely You don't need to modify the configuration file
Why would I know
Because after I reset the server, I found that I didn't modify the configuration file yum It can also be used normally

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