first C++ and C Language is originally two different programming languages , but C++ It's true C Expansion and extension of language , And right C The language provides backward compatibility .
C++ This word is usually read in the programmer circle of Chinese mainland. “C Gaga ”, Western programmers usually read and do “C plus plus”,“CPP”.


( one )

Different procedural thinking ,C Language is process oriented , and C++ It is object-oriented .C++ Is a static data type check , General programming language supporting multiple programming paradigms . It supports procedural programming , Data abstraction , Object oriented programming , Generic programming and other programming styles .

C The language is not object-oriented , And programmers are inseparable C language , So someone is C Based on the language, object-oriented function is added , namely C++. meanwhile ,C++ Modified C Some inconvenient rules in language
set , send C Language is more convenient to use .

( two )

C Language can write programs in many aspects , however C++ You can write more and better ,C++ Can write based on DOSr program , write DLL, Write control , Write system .

( three )

C Language is loose in the organization of program files , It's almost all program processing ; and c++ The organization of documents is based on engineering , Clear classification of documents .

( four )

C++ There is only one namespace , and C In language “ Structure mark ” Have a separate namespace .

( five )

C and C++ There is the concept of structure in , But in C A structure in a language has only member variables , And no member method , And in C++ Medium structure , It can have its own member variables and member functions . But in C Members of structures in a language are public , Anyone who wants to access it can access it ; And in VC++ It is private if it is not qualified .


C++ Yes C Developed on the basis of language , But it's not C++ than C Advanced language , The programming ideas of the two are different , The field of application is also different . In their respective fields , No one can replace anyone .

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