Rob Maotai

All people rob 1499 Yuan Maotai , Have you ever grabbed it ? My cousin began to grab it last year 30+ bottle , A bottle of easy money 1000 element .

I didn't expect my cousin to send me a private letter , His Maotai was robbed with software .

Python What is it ? I am 2G Is the Internet ready , There are such easy-to-use tools !?

No, I don't know , I was startled by the investigation , It has been used for a long time Python Come and do all kinds of things “ Substitute robbery ” Yes , It can also be used to easily find book sources and other resources , They're on the show on social platforms “ Record ”:

Search all kinds of Novels / Film resources

as everyone knows , It's really a bit troublesome to see something that hasn't been introduced in China , Sometimes various websites toss back and forth , Not necessarily .

But for my cousin , These are small things .

I said I wanted to see it that day Netflix Movies on , It was not long before he found it , And send it directly to me .

That's amazing , You don't have to ask for accounts like a dog in each group anymore , Directly save the membership fee of each platform .

Grab shoes

When the new shoes are on sale , Direct use Python Thousands of auto clicks per second , No matter how fast your hand is, you can't win it .

Climbing coupons

use Python Made a crawler applet , Can help rob CPU, It can achieve the speed of thousands of clicks per second . You can also climb to hidden coupons , Save hundreds of minutes .

Grab mobile phone

millet 11 Ultra Seconds empty at the moment of sale , Many people regret not being able to buy it . use Python Automatic login can be realized , Lock mobile phone inventory .

As soon as it goes online ,Python You can automatically purchase and place orders immediately , You don't have to squat , I just need to pay for it manually .

Ticket grabbing

My girlfriend wants to see a concert , I'm afraid I can't get the ticket , He wrote a small program to help his girlfriend grab concert tickets .

Last time I went to Harbin , original price 1600 Many votes ,400 I got it , The budget saved can also eat more special food , The trip was a delight .

Play games and climb the skin

Python You can even climb the game skin !

Write a program to climb the all hero HD skin poster on the king's official website , You can not only use it as wallpaper , Also sold to people who like to collect skin , Made a small profit .

More Than This , Still use Python Climbing high score players' loading habits , Common Heroes , Analyze the strong heroes and equipment in the current version , The winning rate soared all the way , The matching mechanism can't sanction you , That's the real thing “ The upper part is like drinking water ”!

What's more amazing is ,Python Not just for saving money and entertainment , It can also be used in office and sideline .

Office automation

Once the boss dumped the data of more than a dozen forms , But he didn't panic at all , Direct use Python Batch processing , Less than ten minutes , The forms are arranged clearly , The boss looked silly .

side hustle

use Python Help a designer , Batch download of Extranet materials , No membership or internet speed , It saves designers a lot of time , It's easy for people to pay !

Help senior students climb papers , One click download of thousands of references , This month's milk tea money is available again :

My friends also told me ,Python It's actually very simple , You can learn Chinese .

  The above content to share with you , If you need to study the tutorial , Source notes or want to learn to communicate , Scan the code and I'll pull you into the group

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