<> background

Near graduation 5 year , So far, there are still no superficial achievements , Start speculating in futures , Self employed shop ( fail , Closed last year ), The comprehensive ability is acceptable ,211 University Management ( Perhaps the most unprofessional major in history ), Secular vision pressure , Similar comparison pressure , Age pressure , It's been a long time . I don't want to find a job , Feel like a waste of time , My plan is mainly to study Python, Get rid of trivial things such as eating, sleeping and receiving information from the world , About investment 12 Hour study ,5 Hours or so should be allocated to non professional books , The rest is assigned to programming . In three months , My skills are SQL,Python,R. A little simple reptile , Understand Linux.( I feel pretty good anyway ), But compared with professional predecessors , I have a relatively shallow grasp , Some complex algorithms , I can't understand it in a short time .

<> Interview experience

Four months later , I submitted some resumes , Because I don't have much project experience , Many companies don't even give interviews directly . last , Finally, a company called to invite me for an interview . This interview is an opportunity to do java The interviewer interviewed , The main job is to climb the e-commerce platform data , He introduced the company's business , I didn't ask any technical questions , Because the director is not here , He is not in charge himself , Left your resume and left , Failed for the first time .

Later, the company informed me to go for an interview , It's time to meet again 4 round , I remember the written examination was not very difficult , The first 1 The interview focused on the database ,Linux Server related knowledge , My answer is not very good , But it still entered the second stage 2 round , interrogative Python Some relevant knowledge points , Reluctantly answered some questions , The first 3 There are few technical problems with the wheel , After the interviewer knows some basic information , Ask me the formula of permutation and combination . I really can't remember , But remember the basics , Directly pushed it on the spot , The interviewer asked me to go back and wait for the news .

I have no bottom for this interview , Because in the whole process, I felt that there were two rounds when the chain fell off , But unexpectedly, a week later , The company informed me to go for a second examination . I was muddled during the retest , The interviewer asked me to do five arithmetic questions , I can't do it together , But I wrote some ideas , I feel completely dead . Then I interviewed another company , While waiting for a message . The company in front informed that it could give offer, I was surprised , I didn't expect you to want me . Think about it all , I think both the company and the position are suitable , That's it .

<> Experience sharing

Now I am in charge of the back end of the project in the company , salary 1.6K, The assigned tasks can keep up , I know my foundation is weak , The attitude is to sink down and learn while doing , I also know that there is a long way to go .

learn from good examples Python Whether it's employment or sideline, it's good to make money , But learn Python
Or should we have a learning plan . If you're as sure as I am Python, Want to learn by yourself Python, A copy I sorted out Python A complete set of learning materials for novices , You can use it , It will save a lot of time , It can also solve many problems encountered in learning .

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