Learning is over , Also make a review of the courses in the last semester .

<> machine learning

machine learning , As a professional elective course of family planning , We are certainly not as professional as the students majoring in artificial intelligence , Basically, just understand the principle and realize the application . The teaching materials used are also commonly used watermelon books at present . The experimental environment is jupyter
The main contents of our study this semester include : linear regression , Decision tree , neural network , Support vector machine , Bayes , clustering .

If you choose one of these six parts alone, you can talk endlessly , So I won't specify here . however , We can give a brief introduction to our experiments . Our class should be a better class , After the first three experiments are completed, write an experiment report , Write a report for the last three experiments , The last two major assignments of the course are two reports . Four altogether , I have uploaded resources now , But the audit seems a little slow ... After passing, I will directly attach the website to the comments below , If you don't, you can also write to me directly . Our report because the teacher doesn't want specific code , The required number of pages shall not exceed 10 page , So the content may be relatively concentrated , Same as above , If you want the source code, you can read the report again , Send me a private letter when you think you need it . I will not refuse anyone .

Finally, I would like to praise our machine learning teacher , The report has a maximum number of pages, which is the first one I have encountered , I think it's good to prevent the number of pages from going to heaven , And no code , It depends on the understanding of experiments and knowledge points , Suggest other teachers to study .

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