Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing are common methods for website security attacks and defense exercises . By collecting information and comprehensive analysis of the target system , Use appropriate attack tools to analyze the security vulnerabilities of the target system , How to use and how difficult it is to verify vulnerabilities , And find the attack path of potential vulnerabilities through various attack methods . Attack scheme based on , Actual combat exercises using vulnerabilities and attacks , Try various technical means to access or operate the system , Database and intermediate files , Bypass system security , Full penetration target system . Obtain relevant relationships through penetration, etc .

After unified control authority , To further carry out intranet penetration , The attacker uses post penetration to expand the attack result . At this stage , The attacker can further exploit the obtained privileges through vulnerability exploitation . on this basis , Get server permissions , Get internal network information , Especially the internal network topology results , Provide attack path for attacker . In the post infiltration stage , Attackers can further gain control of network devices through internal network scanning . When entering the internal network , You can try to further obtain the background permission and domain control server permission of the centralized system , Maximum control of internal network . The attacker repeated the above attack . operation , Collect information based on the server and network environment for which you have obtained permission , Search for sensitive files , Collect information in combination with existing attack methods , Expanding attack results .

Problems found in website security attack and defense drill and rectification suggestions , Problems in website security attack and defense drill , For cyber attackers , Weak passwords are less difficult to use , High frequency , It is easy to cause serious injury and loss . Survey statistics show that , The proportion of attackers obtaining application rights through weak passwords can reach 76%. In the website security attack and defense drill , If the user password is complex , But there is a certain regularity , It can be easily cracked by attackers . This regular password setting may lead to the cracking of other servers in the system , If the website wants to conduct penetration testing service or vulnerability security testing, you can ask the website vulnerability testing company for help .

In terms of security vulnerabilities , System vulnerabilities are not updated in time , Among them, high-risk vulnerabilities are also a way often used by attackers . generally speaking , High risk vulnerabilities mainly exist in the operating system and database , It needs to be updated in time . in addition , You should also add . Large periodic detection , Risk assessment and high-risk vulnerability investigation , Take corrective measures in time . The security risk of centralized devices is also one of the more concerned targets of website security attackers . In terms of operation and maintenance management , The emergence of centralized equipment has greatly improved the convenience of management , But it also brings security risks . Some centralized devices are equipped with default maximum permissions and passwords , If used by hackers , It may cause the whole network to lose control .

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