one , introduction web Front end development

In the introduction phase , You must first learn the most basic skills : be based on UI Design draft HTML Static page generation . This requires you to master HTML Skills of ,CSS Page layout , Style, style, etc . At this stage , You need to learn :

1,HTML + CSS Basics

master HTML Label usage , Typesetting ,CSS layout , Style beautification and browser compatibility . HTML and CSS Coding specification : Master some code skills , Write better , Higher quality code .

2,JavaScript Foundation of

master js Basic grammar of , condition , Statements and loops , And learn the common algorithms of enhanced logic .

two , Common front end tools
as Webstrom, lofty ,Dreamweaver etc . Master fast key setting and other technologies , It can quickly improve the efficiency of development and debugging .

Learning at this stage is relatively difficult , After learning this , We can complete the production of static pages . of course , This is just an introduction , If you want to use these skills , It's hard to find a job .

In the next stage , Our goal is to meet the basic requirements of the front-end development industry , Let's have the courage to go out and find a job with a monthly salary of more than 8000 Yuan's work . At this stage, attention should be paid to these two abilities :

1, use jQuery, Guide and other frameworks to develop complex interactive functions and effects .

2, use HTML5,CSS3, Developing mobile terminals on canvas .

Considering the ability of the first aspect , You need to learn :

1,javascript Basic special effects

It implements the Trojan horse , Drag and drop , Magnifying glass and other common network effects .

2,jQuery Foundation of

Master general API use jQuery, And be familiar with jQuery Plug-in development mechanism .

3, Boot response

Master the mechanism of machine response , Grid layout and response layout are used during the boot process , Develop complex page layouts .

4,ajax Basics

Fully understand Ajax principle , master Ajax Primary and jQuery of ajax usage .

5,UI Popular framework

master JQueryUI Use of , The function of web page is to realize fast and effective .

Learn these skills , Business and business websites can be created independently , Realize common JS Dynamic effect of , stay jQuery Achieve cool and complex functions under the guidance of .

The second aspect of mobile terminal development , You need to learn :

1 New features ,HTML5 and CSS3

At the mobile end , master HTML5 and CSS3 Tips for using .

three , Front end development steps
I know you are an ideal person , Not satisfied with major front-end development . next step , Take an advanced development path , Improve your ability . Wages will also rise by one level !

however , If you are a new front end , You may not have used or heard some of the knowledge in the next article . don't worry , You can collect articles first , Then slowly understand .

that , At this stage , We should concentrate on mastering the following two abilities :

1, meanwhile , We consider the elegance of the code , And pay attention to the performance and reusability of the code .

2, Deeply understand the implementation principles of the front-end framework and the ability to develop and reconfigure the general terminal components of the front-end .

At this stage , You need to learn the following :

1, Thoughts on object oriented development

2, Object oriented JavaScript

3,javascript closure , Scope chain , Prototype chain and other advanced functions

4, Common design patterns

5, Use this machine JavaScript Principle implementation framework packaging

6,jQuery Frame packaging principle

7, Implementation principle ,jQuery plug-in unit

master jQuery Implementation principle of plug-in , In depth understanding of two extensions of plug-in implementation mechanism .

8, Component based and modular development :SeaJS,RequireJS

If you master these skills , You have the ability to solve complex and technical problems , And can independently design and develop complex functional modules . If you reach this level , congratulations , You have met the intermediate needs of the front-end industry . According to the data fed back by the market , The average salary is per month 13000-20000 element .

four , Advanced front end development

The entire stack development engineer is not just the front end , And it's the back end , It can solve problems quickly and solve problems quickly . According to the collection of statistical data , stay 20k-50k Salary Development Engineer Beijing group GAODA 60%, And talent is very short !

To improve a bunch of development engineers , We must do this at this stage :

1, We can understand the principles and implementation patterns of popular frameworks from the global perspective of the front end .

2, Deeply understand the development mode and technology choice of mobile applications .

3, Familiar with the whole stack Node.js solution ;

4, Understand mainstream background technology and collaboration methods , Understand the whole life cycle of the project from a global perspective .

therefore , You need to learn the following :

1, Workflow framework of website development : Owner farmer / Gulu htoon pavilion .

Master popular front-end workflow tools , It can make the front-end development more convenient and efficient !

2,MVC/MVVM frame :AngularJS etc.

Master the front end MVC/MVVM Implementation mechanism of framework , understand AngularJS of MVC Practice of development mode , And understand the related concepts of two-way data binding .

3,HTML5 Response framework

4,UI Popular framework :JQueryUI,EasyUI,ExtJS etc.

Master general UI Frame packaging principle , Through the analysis of the source code , Deep understanding of the concept of component-based development .

5, Ion , angle

We should master the mixed development mode of mobile terminals , Combine ions and angles to understand the whole process and HTML5 and CSS3 of JS Realization mechanism .

6, Response to nature

Master the development mode of mobile terminal .

7,HTML5 Plus

8, All stacks Node.js Development of

master Node.js Full stack solution and on the server side JS Efficient development .

If you can master the knowledge and skills of the above four stages , It can meet the advanced needs of the front-end and mobile development industries .

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