I read an article before , In the comments below the article , I saw someone comment on such a message , It's true , It's not just this blogger , Including myself , Many readers on my account , Especially when some student friends talk to me about career planning and workplace confusion , My advice is , If you are a fresh student or have a short working life ( Less than five years ), Then we must find a chance to work in a large factory for a few years .

Is there no way out if you don't go to Ali ? Do you have to go to the big factory ? In fact, there is no problem with this reader's comment , It's actually normal , however , Ask some teachers who work long hours , I think he will give you such a suggestion --- Go to the big factory and have a try

Because whether it's out of the so-called “ Gold plating ” Psychological , Or do you want to go to big factories to challenge large business volume , Contact high concurrency , Improve technology , Broaden one's view , It's worth it .

Although many large factories work overtime , But as a member of the working class , Where don't you work overtime ? Moreover, the rules and regulations and welfare benefits of large factories are relatively perfect , You can see many mature systems and excellent practices and ideas .

That's all , What else is worth your try ?

A big factory is good , But there are many difficulties , Not everyone has a chance , Personal level is not high, basically the first round of interview pass Dropped , So you need to consolidate your professional knowledge before the interview , If you don't have corresponding resources to assist in learning or interview , I have sorted out several good resources here , You can see what you need , Then look for it here

Many people are in urgent need of job hopping and salary rise , But there is no systematic advanced learning method , Share one here for free GitHub Superscript star 120k of Java Comprehensive analysis of intermediate and advanced knowledge . Mainly include Java
Basics ,Java container ,Java Concurrent ,Java Virtual machines and Java
IO. It also comes with a network ,linux, Data structure and algorithm , database , system design , Must know tool , Interview guide, etc , Very comprehensive .

This is free sharing ! Some screenshots are shown below , Click the business card at the end of the text , You can get it for free by scanning the code !

( one ). Basics

1,Java basic skill

* Java introduction ( Basic concepts and common sense )
* Java grammar
* Basic data type
* method ( function )

2,Java object-oriented

* Classes and objects
* Three characteristics of object-oriented
* Modifier
* Interfaces and abstract classes
* Other important knowledge points

3,Java core technology

* aggregate
* abnormal
* Multithreading
* Documents and I\O flow

( two ). Concurrent

1, Concurrent container

* JDK Summary of concurrent containers provided
* ConcurrentHashMap
* CopyOnWriteArrayList
* ConcurrentLinkedQueue
* BlockingQueue
* ConcurrentSkipListMap

2, Thread pool

* Benefits of using thread pools
* Executor frame
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Class introduction
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Use example
* Detailed explanation of several common thread pools
* ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor Explain in detail
* Thread pool size determination

3, Optimistic lock and pessimistic lock

* What is pessimistic lock and optimistic lock
* Two common implementations of optimistic locks
* Disadvantages of optimistic lock
* CAS And synchronized Usage scenarios for

( three ). JVM

1,Java Memory area

* summary
* Runtime data area
* HotSpot Virtual object exploration machine
* Key supplementary contents

2,JVM garbage collection

* open JVM Mysterious memory allocation and recycling
* The object is dead ?
* Garbage collection algorithm
* garbage collector

3,JDK Monitoring and troubleshooting tools

* JDK Command line tools
* JDK Visual analysis tool

( four ) network ,linux, Data structure and algorithm , database , system design , Must know tool , Interview guide

Because the space is limited , Other contents will not be displayed one by one , This advanced note has a total of 512 page . It should be very helpful for small partners who want to advance , I hope it can help you, too . You can click on the business card below for free .

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