<>01 SQL Principle and utilization method of injection vulnerability
<>1.1 Web Application architecture analysis

1998 year so far 20 many years Yes

Burst sql injection cause Massive data leakage

discover problems —> avoid sql injection Bring risk
Research web frame can Make us More familiar Framework audit in Injected principle

B/S framework start When database And website On the same server upper

webapp website Put on In the container
Containers and databases Software Installed in In the operating system
Logical pair Operation of database To achieve Website function

after Internet technology development
Large amount of data Large number of requests need web Application to handle

Cluster effect

middleware container

<>03 XSS Vulnerability principle and utilization

<> Chapter I :XSS Basics
<>1.1 XSS Introduction and principle ~1

hit cookie xss + csrf getshell

Used to attack Use browser Open this Page user obtain cookie Normal user / administrators jurisdiction

Reflex type - Non storage type usually xss code Payload (js) adopt get A parameter afferent back-end Not after storage Direct reflection back User page (html) upper

Storage type payload Save On a medium ( database , cache , file ) user When viewing this page Exhibition page Fetch data Time implement

Similar to reflex type But the recipient No longer back-end program But js Get the parameters direct On page display

html Entity code majority Work White list publish an article Rich text Filter out js code perhaps Illegal attribute involved only div a p b label
exclude onError,onLoad Event properties only src blacklist May bypass xss Business scenario symptomatic reflex get input script Code block output

xss technological process payload structure verification repair xss Higher order New usage xss Persistence xss series

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