Let's talk about your personal situation first , College Students ,18 In, he entered a software company in Hunan through school recruitment , Dry close 4 Year CRUD, in the beginning of this year , I feel like I can't go on like this , Staying in a comfortable environment for a long time will make a person degenerate ! And I have worked in an enterprise for four years CRUD, Has made me less enterprising , Yes 2 My girlfriend broke up with me because of my mentality and salary . therefore , I decided to change the status quo , Look at this year's gold, silver and four !

At the beginning of preparation , I've been blindfolded ,4 Year CRUD Let my technology not a trace of progress , Only my age has been promoted ...

no way out , I found my brother in Tencent , As his little old watch , After he learned about me ( Almost Java Foundation start ), Just throw me a study note :“ Go ahead , Here's everything you need , Don't come to me , I'm ashamed !”.

Now let's see how powerful this note is !( At first I thought he was bragging , As a result, I knelt directly to my brother after learning ...)

* Part I Solid Java Basics (Java Basics + container + Concurrent +JVM)
* Part II Network knowledge ( Computer network technology +HTTPS Medium TLS)
* Part III Linux
* Part IV Data structure and algorithm
* Part V database (MySQL+Redis)
* Part VI system design (RestFul API+ Common framework + Authentication authorization + Distributed + Large website architecture + Microservices )
* Part VII Must know tool (Git+Docker)
* Part VIII Interview guide ( How should I write my resume + How to prepare for an interview + My learning method )
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( one ). Basics

1,Java basic skill

* Java introduction ( Basic concepts and common sense )
* Java grammar
* Basic data type
* method ( function )

2,Java object-oriented

* Classes and objects
* Three characteristics of object-oriented
* Modifier
* Interfaces and abstract classes
* Other important knowledge points

3,Java core technology

* aggregate
* abnormal
* Multithreading
* Documents and I\O flow

( two ). Concurrent

1, Concurrent container

* JDK Summary of concurrent containers provided
* ConcurrentHashMap
* CopyOnWriteArrayList
* ConcurrentLinkedQueue
* BlockingQueue
* ConcurrentSkipListMap

2, Thread pool

* Benefits of using thread pools
* Executor frame
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Class introduction
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Use example
* Detailed explanation of several common thread pools
* ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor Explain in detail
* Thread pool size determination

3, Optimistic lock and pessimistic lock

* What is pessimistic lock and optimistic lock
* Two common implementations of optimistic locks
* Disadvantages of optimistic lock
* CAS And synchronized Usage scenarios for

( three ). JVM

1,Java Memory area

* summary
* Runtime data area
* HotSpot Exploration of virtual machine objects
* Key supplementary contents

2,JVM garbage collection

* open JVM Mysterious veil of memory allocation and recycling
* The object is dead ?
* Garbage collection algorithm
* garbage collector

3,JDK Monitoring and troubleshooting tools

* JDK Command line tools
* JDK Visual analysis tool

( four ) network ,linux, Data structure and algorithm , database , system design , Must know tool , Interview guide

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