<> preface

A current situation of most contemporary migrant workers ——“ Hopeless promotion , Income peaked , The cost of living soared , The financial crisis goes hand in hand ”.
I graduated for three years , three years Android development . this year 7 I interviewed Xiaomi in June , Get it in half a month offer, Record the whole interview process , You can have a look at what you need .

<> Millet interview sharing :

<> one side (9.5 60min)

* Event distribution
* custom view
* Give a layout and ask how you implement it
* Have you seen the new layout
* Have you seen the new layout
* Internship experience
* Android Layout optimization
* Over drawing and optimization
* Tell me what you think Android The deepest point of understanding
* Yes framework Do you
* Let's talk about the traversal of binary tree
* database
* Wrote a simple sql
* trigger
* Class loading process
* kotlin Extension method Extended properties
* What open source libraries have you seen ( We talked retrofit)
* The most fulfilling thing in the internship
* algorithm
* Reverse linked list ( Didn't write it out Am I a fool )
* Delete public string
* How is the bubble sort arranged Stable
I feel good after one side. I can expect two sides , All the questions were quite regular

<> Two sides (9.8 50min)

* Internship experience
* What requirements have been made
* What did you get
* What do you think of the code left by predecessors , How
* Android
* Sliding time conflict resolution
* handler principle
* Android Cross process communication
* Activity life cycle
* Android Why is it divided into four components
* Play one dialog Time Activity Life cycle change
* onstart onresume What types of business are performed
* Java
* Handwritten single example
* hashmap Source code
* Multithreading , lock
* operating system
* The difference between process and thread
* algorithm
* Zigzag printed binary tree ( It's not written I am ***)
I just got back from Tianjin by car when I was in Beijing , A little dizzy , I feel a little stretched , The answer was very general , I didn't expect there were three sides

<> Three sides (9.9 60min)

* Java
* Encapsulation inheritance polymorphism , Focus on understanding and Application
* static
* The difference between rewriting and overloading , Understanding and Application
* hashmap bottom , Treat the interviewer as a little white and tell the interviewer
* Android
* Understanding of four components
* activity life cycle , Horizontal and vertical screen life cycle , Did you not let me activity Method of destruction
* Startup mode
* two types service What's the difference
* service What happens when you perform time-consuming operations , How to solve it
* intentservice bottom
* service Keep alive
* broadcastreciver jurisdiction ( can't )
* Android Cross process approach
* intent How does the bottom layer cross process
* Common layout , Focus on understanding and Application
* Android What kinds of animation are there , Is there any underlying research
* custom view, I wrote it myself demo
* Memory leak scenarios and Solutions
* network
* TCP Three handshakes / Four waves Talk about
* Is there any direct TCP Operation has been done on the first floor
* operating system
* The difference between process and thread
* gossip
* What is the biggest gain of internship
* Are you the core of the team now ( I'm an intern. The core is strange )
* Do you feel a great need to improve your ability
* If I give it to you offer You coming?
* If you want to come, leave your current team and integrate into a new team. What do you think
The interviewers on three sides said they didn't communicate much with the interviewers on two sides , The problem may be repeated , In fact, there are indeed repetitions , But I felt more deeply , It's wide and deep , Many questions were unanswered , I was stunned all at once .
Fortunately, I did my homework all night before , Read the technical problems summarized by many leaders , Broaden the knowledge of test questions .

Here I carefully collected and sorted out some information about Android Developed knowledge points , A summary of the interview questions , Recommend to everyone to resolve the troubles of growth .

<> Data acquisition

This one 【Android Advanced development interview questions and answers 】 data , I hope I can help you !

<>《Android Advanced development interview questions and answers 》






6.View draw .

7.View Event distribution




11. animation



15. Memory leak & out of memory 16. performance optimization



19. System startup

20.App start-up & pack & install

21. serialize

22.Art & Dalvik And its differences

23. modularization & Componentization

24. hot fix & Plug in



<> summary

Factors for successful interview , I still feel like I need to read more blogs , Pay attention to every interview , Don't fall twice on the same issue . Each interview will also have one or two trivial questions that are not paid attention to at ordinary times , But every time I hang up / Face finish
When I go back, I will carefully review this piece of knowledge , Make sure that the next time you are asked such a question, you won't be fooled again .

Due to the limited space of the article , There are many interview documents , Small partners in need can scan our official QR code , I hope we can make progress together , Encourage each other !

last , I wish everyone can get their favorite offer~

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