1. Define profile information

Sometimes we put some variables in order to unify management yml In the configuration file

for example

use @ConfigurationProperties replace @Value

usage method

Define the entity of the corresponding field

// Specify prefix
@ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "developer")
public class DeveloperProperty {
    private String name;
    private String website;
    private String qq;
    private String phoneNumber;
@Data // Specify prefix @ConfigurationProperties(prefix = "developer") @Component public
class DeveloperProperty {     private String name;     private String website;
    private String qq;     private String phoneNumber; }
Inject this when using bean
@RestController @RequiredArgsConstructor public class PropertyController {  
    final DeveloperProperty developerProperty;       @GetMapping("/property")
    public Object index() {        return developerProperty.getName();     } }
2. use @RequiredArgsConstructor replace @Autowired

We all know that injecting one bean There are three ways (set injection , Constructor Injection , Annotation injection ),Spring It is recommended that we use constructor injection Bean

Let's take a look at what the previous code looks like after compiling

RequiredArgsConstructor:lombok provide

3. Don't go back null


Positive example

When a method is called elsewhere , Avoid unnecessary null pointers

optional Air judgment
// Get subdirectory list public List<CatalogueTreeNode> getChild(String pid) {
            if (V.isEmpty(pid)) {             pid =
BasicDic.TEMPORARY_DIRECTORY_ROOT;         }         CatalogueTreeNode node =
treeNodeMap.get(pid);           return Optional.ofNullable(node)
                .orElse(Collections.emptyList());     }
4. if else

Not too much if else if, You can try the strategy mode instead

5. reduce controller Business code

The business code should be placed as far as possible service Layer processing , It is easy to maintain and operate in the later stage, and it is beautiful


Positive example

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