In many cases , Mobile connected WIFI The display has been connected normally but cannot be used ? Then we need to set the static state at this time IP Address to access the network . The phone is static ip What is the method of setting address recommendation ?
1, open WIFI.
2, Click the to be connected WIFI Access point name , Input password .
3, After entering the password , Hide the input method and you'll find it “ Show password ” and “ Show advanced options ”.
4, choice – Show advanced options
5, Pull it down and it will appear “IP set up ”
6, Place the in the options DHCP Change to – static state
7, After changing to static , Several items will continue to appear below , The filling method is as follows :
IP address : Your phone IP address , Generally 192.168.1.XXX(XXX Can be in 1-255 between , It cannot be set to the same as any device under the route IP address )
gateway : Your router IP address ( Most routes are by default IP Yes
Network Prefix Length : No modification
domain name 1:WIFI Used by the access point IP address , Generally perhaps, Refer to the settings on the route for details
domain name 2: With domain name 1 Just the same , In this way, the mobile Internet can be used normally IP Yes .
Due to the differences between Android systems , Change static IP The operation steps are also slightly different , At this time, you only need to operate according to the interface , If you need to cancel the static IP address , Just IP Set one column selection DHCP that will do .

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