Many beginners have just come into contact with Java When , There will be questions ,Java What is it? ?Java For what ? This question is equivalent to what programming languages can do . Programming languages are languages that interact with computers , You talk to the computer through this dialect , And can command it to do things , So what can a language do , It's you “ What do you want to say to it ” Or what do you want it to do . to make a long story short , It is a tool , When you use the tools skillfully , I know what it can do at least .

Java What can it be used for ?

1,Java Can develop website

Java It is widely used in e-commerce and website development , For example, Taobao and, the two largest e-commerce website platforms in China, are used Java Developed .

Many governments , medical care , Insurance , education , The websites of defense and other departments are built on java Above .

2,Java Can do Android system

Android system is based on Linux Free and open source operating system , The source code of Android system is Java, therefore Java Can develop Android system .

Most of the Android system APP All with Java Language development , in other words , Most of the internal programs in Android phones are used Java Language implemented .

3, Enterprise application development

Enterprise applications refer to solutions and applications created and deployed for large business organizations ( For example, every large company has its own internal management system and external trading system ), The structure of these large enterprise applications is complex , Many internal and external resources are involved , Transaction intensive , Large amount of data , Large number of users .

Whereas Java Language has strong security , Therefore, most enterprises develop internal applications , Will give priority to use Java language . Including many third-party trading systems , Foreground and background of banking platform , Electronic trading system , Medical management system, etc , and Java Portability characteristics of , Enables it to run anywhere once written .

4,Java Can develop software

Basically, the programming languages with high utilization rate can be used as software ,Java The same is true , for example Eclipse,MyEclipse Other well-known Java The development tool itself is used Java Language development .

besides Java It also occupies a very important position in enterprise software application development .

5, In terms of big data development

The common programming languages for big data application development posts are Java,Python,Scala etc. , At present, the language with the highest rate of big data development and application is Java.

From the universality and functionality of application ,Java The ecology of language is relatively sound , Stable performance . therefore , use Java language , It will reduce the risk of big data development .

6, Other areas

at present Java It is still the best choice in many scientific applications , Including natural language processing . The main reason is because Java comparison C++ Or other languages , Its security , Portability , can dao Maintainability , Better concurrency than other languages .

so to speak Java As the default development language of software industry , It is widely used in various fields , Relevant practitioners also believe that Java Have a bright future .

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