One 35 Year old Tencent employees who are ready to retire are on fire :

1000W house property ,1000 Wan Tencent stock , add 300 Million in cash , that is 2300 Million assets

Netizens looked at his real income , Compare your own 「 Shabby 」, In addition to envy, but also shed tears without technical content .

But actually , Where can I make money . Behind every high salary , There's a lot you don't know .

995 Spell it 10 Wages saved over the years , Although there are a lot of them , But for the income of programmers in large factories, it is no exaggeration .

A classmate sent me a private letter “ A large front-line factory like Tencent ,Java How much salary do you usually get ?”

come to know , On the recruitment website , tencent Java Development Engineer salary 20K~50K, Different levels of Java The salary is also different .

Java Because of its powerful performance , High development efficiency , Widely used in Internet product development , Perennial ranking TIOBE Top three programming languages ! More and more young people are joining the school Java In the army of .

Want to change careers Java My classmates have benefits ~

This is a set from Java Introduction to the secret script course of the cultivation of senior programmers in Internet factories , Challenge after learning P7 Programmer position ( Technical expert level ), No kidding .

  Novice learning Java, The first stage is Java Basics , This is Java Programmer's starting point , It is the only way to help you from Xiaobai to understand programming .

Next is Javaweb stage , Including front end , Server development, etc .Javaweb Is an introductory course for Internet projects , It is the basis for learning later advanced courses .

use Javaweb Enterprise level development is entirely possible , However, the development efficiency is relatively low , Therefore, encapsulating common logical operations forms a framework , Therefore, framework is an entry-level skill for enterprise development .

VUE It is the framework technology for the perfect separation of front-end development and back-end business , How can this actual combat be less ……

of course , The course is not only free , There are supporting source code + data ! Scan code for free

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