Recently, many friends left a message to the editor about how to self-study software testing ?

So today, Xiaobian sent out software testing knowledge points to sort out benefits , It is convenient for you to learn software testing technology .

As a beginner , First of all, we should make clear the knowledge structure to be learned in the overall software testing , Then clarify the main learning contents , Divide the technologies to be mastered in stages , Facilitate later planning of learning route .

The learning of software testing is from the general direction , It mainly includes but is not limited to the following points :

1. Construction of software test environment ;

2. Basic theory of testing ;

3. Ability to develop ;

4. Use of test tools ;

5. Automatic test capability ;

6. Interface and performance test ;

7. Database testing technology

one . Test environment construction

Test environment learning must be familiar with first linux operating system , And its common commands and project configurations , be familiar with docker Other mainstream environment , be familiar with Tomcat and mysql Basic configuration of these , The most basic can do , Give a project at work , It can be deployed and run by itself .

two . Basic theory of testing

The basic theory part is first familiar with the whole process of the test , For example, test requirement extraction , Preparation and formulation of test plan , Design of test cases , Use case execution and bug Submission of , Test analysis and review , Test summary these software test processes must be clear . And the application of various test methods , Such as black box test , White box test , Grey box test , And those commonly used use case design methods .

three . Learning of development technology

Because if you want to do an excellent test , Finally, we must write automatic scripts , So development language , such as python and java Is the essential learning content . however , For testers , The learning of programming language is not so deep in the early stage , Basic environment configuration , Common syntax and sentence structure , Classes and methods , Object oriented operation , Abnormal operation, etc .

four . The test tool must be able to use

For example, test management tools , ZenTao ,JIRA etc. , Automated testing appium,selenium, Interface test postman,Jmeter,fiddler Grab bag ,Jenkins
application , Performance test loaderrunner etc .

five . automated testing

This refers to the ability to convert the work that originally used manual testing into automated testing , Must be able to write excellent scripts , We can execute our use cases repeatedly in batches , Save cost and manpower , Whether it is web Terminal python+selenium, Or mobile java/python+selenium, Are good choices .

six . Database testing technology

Because database knowledge is the core content of many products , Whether in manual testing or automated testing, related projects often involve databases . When we find defects in performing tests , Defects submitted to development , It is often caused by the data module , So for the mastery of database technology , It can also help us accurately locate the core of the problem , It is more helpful to communicate project issues . Aiming at the relational database commonly used in enterprises at present MySQL,Oracle, as well as SQL
Server series , Related library and table operations , Add, delete, modify and query data in the table , Authority management operations, etc , There are also non relational databases Redis,MongoDB Such use , Are also essential . In particular, there are some business tests related to data , In the actual test process , It is also often necessary to create some test data through the database .

The basic knowledge framework has been established , You can learn step by step to improve your skills .


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