That's a good old saying , This man , A single has few rivals in a certain field , It hurts to be idle . A few days ago, I met a Tencent while fishing at work JAVA Development boss , Worked in Tencent 10 year , Because I have high talent , He works conscientiously at ordinary times , Now it has a certain position in the enterprise .

He spoke to this extent , You also need to start realizing your self-worth , So I opened an account on Zhihu , Specially answer netizens about Java Problems in the field . At my strong request, I added this big guy's friend , After chatting, many problems encountered in daily work are really enlightened , He deserves to be an experienced elder .

Later, under my hard and soft bubble , I found him and got this
“JAVA In depth analysis of advanced core knowledge ”, This information is more powerful , It covers almost all Java Core knowledge points , And integrate some of the boss's own experience and ideas !

The document covers knowledge , Interview must ask :Java Basics , High concurrency , Multithreading , Distributed , Design pattern ,Spring Family bucket ,Java,MyBatis,ZooKeeper,Dubbo,Elasticsearch,Memcached,MongoDB,Redis,MySQL,RabbitMQ,Kafka,Linux,Netty,Tomcat Wait, explain the knowledge points in detail , And some interview experience , The level of detail is amazing .

Let's show you some screenshots first , You can get it from me if you need it , The contact information is in the business card at the end of the text , Code scanning plus my wechat will give you the full version for free PDF file , lately CSDN There are many routines , Let me make a statement first , No routine free .

Note content

Basic chapter

JVM piece

Multithreading & Concurrent articles

Spring piece

MyBatis piece

MySQL piece

SpringBoot piece

SpringCloud piece

Dubbo piece

Nginx piece

MQ piece

Data structure and algorithm

Linux piece

Zookeeper piece

Redis piece

Distributed article

Network article

Design pattern

maven piece

ElasticSearch piece

tomcat piece

Git piece


Click the business card below to scan the code , No routine to get the full version for free PDF file .

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