Recently, a newly graduated student told me : I feel now Java The industry is saturated ,Java Just learned , No project experience or working experience , Even if you don't want salary, no company wants you , This is the biggest problem , And now no company is looking for a junior Java, internship Java, Work experience is required . I feel like I'll come out and look for a job after learning , Really, apart from relationships , The possibility of finding a job is very low .
After reading what the student said to me , I'm very confused , Is it now 90 Is this the same attitude ?

The student's situation is in college 4 Year game . I didn't realize I had learned anything until I graduated this year , I don't know who said it Java Good development , I come from school Java. Less than a month , There is a problem with mentality . His current situation is to look for a well paid job , And refused to learn technology well . I don't know. I don't know young people now , still 90 Most of them are in this state .
My evaluation of this student is : I haven't paid anything , Thinking that everything is impossible , Big things can't be done , Refuse to do small things .

I am for the present Java Market view :

I've been in this business for years , At present, proficient in multiple programming languages , about Java Also quite understanding . Let's talk about the market I've seen so far !
First of all, I can tell the student responsibly ,Java from 2015 The demand for a large number of talents began in , If Java It really matters “ saturated ”, That's really why most people are going to lose their jobs .
The current trend is that any company needs “ Internet sector ”, Entities must be docked “ internet +”, Otherwise it will be eliminated . So I personally don't think there's any need to worry Java Saturation problem , Our population base is large , There is competition in any industry , This is a very normal situation . Why Java This technical work is saturated , Not to mention that street sweepers will be saturated ?

Because any technical work at a higher level , When everyone needs to calm down and study , How many people can really learn technology well ? There is never a saying of saturation in front of people with technical ability , And most of them have poor technical ability , After interviewing several jobs, I felt I couldn't find a job , He gave up , Of course, such people will say saturation . But the question is whether you have learned the technology well ? You said your basic technical needs could be met , I don't believe anyone can't find a job . Unless this society is in chaos , Really useful people will have jobs , There is no doubt about it .

In fact, people say every year Java The industry is saturated , Every year, people constantly jump into this industry and find good jobs . As long as we are sure we want to go this way , Want to learn well , Can come up with the corresponding executive power , Want to learn well Java It's not a big problem .

Want to learn by yourself Java Find a job , You need to have the following qualities :

first , Strong learning patience and enterprising spirit .

second , Hands are not lazy , Write enough code , skill comes from practice

third , Have certain learning ability , Be good at self-study and solving problems by yourself

fourth , Can write some simple projects independently

The above content I am completely standing on Java For beginners , It is hoped that we can learn clearly in easy to understand language Java Comprehensive and systematic learning content , And to what extent should I get a job Java Working offer, I hope it can help you .

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 Java Basics + aggregate + Multithreading +JVM

* Java Basics
* Java basic skill
* Java grammar
* data type
* method ( function )
* Java object-oriented
* aggregate
* Multithreading
* Documents and I/O flow

Fundamentals of computer

* computer network
* data structure
* algorithm
* operating system

Summary of database interview questions

* Redis

Summary of common frame interview questions

* Spring Summary of interview questions
* MyBatis Summary of interview questions
* Kafka Summary of interview questions
* Netty Summary of interview questions

High quality flour warp

* Five sided Ali , Finally offer
* Summary of ant gold intern's face experience
* Bigo of Java interview , I hung on the technical side of the third round .........

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