The inner volume can be said to be 2021 The hottest word in .2022 The year has just begun ,LZ I see a lot on many programmer websites Java Programmer's 2021 Annual summaries are :Java
It's getting more and more curly ( Manual dog head ),2021
Year is the year of being rolled up . Millions of graduates are eyeing , Later, on-the-job personnel took the lead “ loaf on a job ” Occupying the pit , Coupled with the epidemic, many companies have closed down , There are not so many jobs on the market . come very naturally HR
We began to choose the best from the best , Planned volume contradiction !

So how to stand out among many candidates ?

One of the answers is to find out the interview routines of Internet companies ! Let's take big factories as an example , Their interview questions all look like this :

* Let's talk about a collection framework and a whole framework
* Why? hashmap To be in 8 Tree when
* What design patterns do you know , They are JDK How is it reflected in
* What scenarios are the thread pool rejection policies used in
* G1 Two region Not continuous , And there are reachable references between them , I'm going to recycle one of them now , What about the other one
* know of CMS Concurrent preprocessing and concurrent interruptible preprocessing
* ......
how , Does it feel different from what everyone asks in the interview , No, what is it Java Object oriented , What? Talk about it Spring I understand ( Manual dog head )

On the other hand, it is necessary to know what skills need to be mastered for different job levels ( If you are interested , Little assistant at the end of the text , You can get the corresponding Java
Learning route , Zero foundation and architect's LZ Both )

The third one is to dig deep into the current high-frequency interview questions , Don't mention cramming before the interview , Take a high-frequency interview manual system to find out and fill the gaps. How much is helpful to you ! What a coincidence , this LZ
Also ! Some time ago, I shared a copy of their latest internal product with a good brother in Ali 2022Java Interview assault manual , The content covers :Java
Basics ,JVM, Multithreading ,Mysql,Spring,Spring Boot,Spring
Cloud,Dubbo,Mybatis,Redis, network ,Linux,MQ,Zookeeper,Netty, big data , algorithm , project , Design mode 19 Modules
, Close enough 1700 page !LZ Probably looked at it, too , It is made by some large factories Java The interview questions are summarized , It's almost the new year LZ There's nothing to give , Take this opportunity , Just take this Java
Interview assault manual for everyone ( Manual dog head ).

Because the document is too large , Unable to show the whole content , If you need a little partner, just add a little assistant at the end of the text , You can get the full version download address , Let's look at the main contents of the manual

  Catalog overview

Article 1 :java relevant

Basic chapter & Advanced

String character & Summary of collective interview questions

  Part II : Concurrent programming

  notes : With answers ! Limited space , Collated to network disk , Free access at the end of the article .

  Part III :JVM Interview questions

Part IV : Data structure and algorithm

  Part V : Network protocol

Part VI : database

MySQL Interview questions

52 strip SQL Performance optimization strategy

Redis Interview questions


Chapter VII : Frame related interview questions

Spring Interview questions

MyBatis Interview questions

SpringBoot Interview questions

Spring&SpringBoot Common notes

  Chapter 8 : Microservices

* SpringCloud Interview questions

Chapter 9 : Middleware related

Dubbo Interview questions

Nginx Interview questions

Zookeeper Interview questions

MQ Interview questions

kafka Interview questions

ElasticSearch Interview questions

Chapter 10 :Linux 


The whole document has nearly 500
page , It must be unrealistic to show it all to everyone , In order not to affect everyone's reading experience, only part of the content is displayed , I hope you will forgive me . If you need this information, you can reply by private letter 【666】 receive

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