Users Is a user folder ,WINDOWS User folder for :C:\Documents and Settings\ user name If it is QQ If so, in QQ Under the root directory user folder

You enter c disc , Click search folder , input appdata You can find it . without , That is, the system does not have this folder . my xp No .

route :C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\ explain administrator Is my computer user name Your user name What's your name Just go there
Found in folder Desktop( translate : desktop ) Users( translate : user )

C USERS ... Found after C The disk is hundreds less MB, I am here C I can't find this on the plate .

stay C
Under the root directory of the disk , Some computers display users , Some computers are obvious users.1, Double click the computer , Inbound file explorer .2, After entering the file explorer , click C disc .3, get into C The disc can be inside .

c:\users Folder is win7
,win8,win10 Wait for a system folder in the system , namely c User folder under disk , The viewing steps are as follows :1, Double click to open the computer ;2, Double click to open c disc ;3, Visible c There is one under the plate .

There is one in the root directory of the system disk Users Folder for Chinese Name: user

The file may be hidden by the system , The solution is as follows : The solution for displaying and hiding files is as follows : First step : open a folder , You can see that the folder is empty , Because there is a hidden folder in this folder , Because there is no set .

It's not in the document , It's in the root directory of the system disk !

This is a system file , The default is hidden , Cannot delete ,appdata” and “application
data” What is stored is the temporary data of the user program . That is, about the software you installed and the settings you made . Including Ren .

Maybe it's hidden , You're using tools - folder - Viewing , Just set the displayed and hidden folders

"All Users" The folder is for all logins windows System user set , Including system administrators and temporary users , for instance , Just in "All
Users" Add shortcut to start menu in folder , All users .

Double click my computer After going in Open the first disk system disk Just rent more folders users Yes If your computer uses vista System so Double click the computer go in Open the first disk C disc
There are several folders above .

stay :\Program Files\Tencent\QQ inside . If your QQ Is installed in C disc , That's it C:\Program Files\Tencent\QQ
If it is installed in D disc , That's it D:\Program Files\Tencent\QQ

I can't find what I downloaded , Search is not like the original system can find the file name , The new system is not very useful .

In the system disk , Yes users folder , without , It's written in Chinese ‘ user ’.

WIN7C:\Users\lenovo\AppData Where is the folder ? Why can't I find it

stay C disc . What time do you start , control panel , Folder options not found , see , There is a hidden protected operating system file , Remove that tick , Then there is a display of all files and folders below , Click . Point determination , Just out .

After I download the file C I can't find it in the disk Documents and Settings\All Users\ Desktop folder ..

You should be able to see this when you clear the check box to hide files protected by the operating system in the folder option All Users Folder .

They said they were C disc users It's in the file, but it's not in it ! Great God solution !!! If it is solved, it can be sent .

... It should be a hidden file .. Or maybe it's in my document ... of course .. Different settings ... Mine is in D disc .. be not in C disc ..SORRY, I didn't file it perfectly .. Find it on the Internet ,,,

c The disk does not have this folder

Users and user It's a folder in the English system called users, Call the user in the Chinese system .

If used Windows In the system IE Files downloaded by browser , The method to find the downloaded file is as follows : Method 1 :.
Method 2 : Open directly C disc , find C:\Users\ User name of the computer \Downloads catalogue , Documents under this directory .

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