I had an interview with a test engineer yesterday , Rejection letter from byte runout Test Engineer received today , I was thrown into the talent pool again

My mood at this time is very complicated, from the beginning of February , After I learned that my resume was picked up , I feel very happy , Then I made an appointment for the interview 2 month 28 number , What I want is to be well prepared

whole 2 What I do in January is : Brush surface warp , Then summarize what questions were asked , Then remember , Is the basic knowledge of computer , Network problems , Easy to test , Memorize the code questions , Because my foundation is too poor , I understand the idea , Then recite the code questions

Yesterday's interview (1) self-introduction , Introduce a project , Then I recently did performance testing , That's what I said , Ask me how to analyze requirements , Tuning content ,cpu Too high ,tps How to analyze if you can't go up , How
(2) Have you done any functional tests , Let's introduce it in detail , Any contribution or something , What test methods are used, etc
(3) Reasons for resignation , Why was your last job shorter
(4) Ask me how I want to develop : I said I thought I could be alone , Test function , Interface , performance , automation
(5) Ask me about my test years
(6) Then tear the code directly by hand , subject : Give two strings , merge , duplicate removal
Network foundation , There are operating systems that don't ask for hand tearing code , I answered very badly , I wrote the wrong code for the character type , sort

Reflect on the reasons why you failed the interview :
1. The interviewee is a senior test engineer , Interviewers may prefer to hear about functional testing , I think about this part , The output is not enough to satisfy him , Because he wanted me to describe it in detail
2. My code level is poor , For daily work jmeter There are many tools , Ignore their own requirements for algorithm problems
3. My resume has a short experience and is not stable enough , Leave a bad impression on the interviewer , This experience does exist , I can't change it
4. Am I trying to output , And ignored what the interviewer really wanted to ask me about functional testing
5. stay jd upper , At that time, it was said that automation test and performance test were preferred , I'll focus on preparing this , Unexpectedly, the key is function

Mood is : I know I can't live , I prepared for a long time and didn't pass , Still sad . I don't know when it will be hr Pick it up, miss . I asked why the interview, but , I want to improve ,hr The little sister didn't say . Anyway, I'm still a rookie

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