Ali is a place many people yearn for , We all know Ali, although 996, Often work overtime , But the corresponding salary is also very high , Many people earn millions a year . Many netizens also doubt Ali's salary , I think it's all bragging .

Ali's rating :P1,P2 It is generally a very low-end position , Usually vacant ,P3 It's an assistant ,P4 Junior Commissioner ,P5 He is a senior engineer ,P6 He is a senior engineer , here we are P7 I'm a technical expert ,P8 He is a senior expert ,P9 He is a senior expert ……. Ordinary people in P7 and P8 It's hard to rise between , So in P7 The level of is already very high , Naturally, the salary is also relatively high .

the other day , A brother wrote to me privately , Say look at Ali P7 In order to prove that they do make millions a year , Exposed his salary , He's really sour ...... Want to make up for the technology , Try to rush into a big factory .

To help him , Also for everyone to do interview review in the shortest time , I put Java Interview series are summarized in this article .

Java One side is basically basic questions , similarly CURD My job , Who is more skilled , Like this one below Java Interview manual , The more proficient the eight part essay is, the easier it is to pass Java interview .

The summary of this document covers a wide range of contents , Contains 14 Technology stack ( See the free collection method at the end of the text for the full version ):

* Basic chapter
* JVM piece
* Multithreading & Concurrent articles
* Spring piece
* MyBatis piece
* Spring Boot piece
* MySQL piece
* Redis piece
* Spring Cloud piece
* Nginx piece
* MQ piece
* Data structure and algorithm
* Linux piece
* Resume
Article 1 : Basic chapter

Part II :JVM piece

Part III : Multithreading & Concurrent articles

Part IV :Spring piece

Part V :MyBatis piece

Part VI :Spring Boot piece

Chapter VII :MySQL piece

Chapter 8 :Redis piece

Chapter 9 :Spring Cloud piece

Chapter 10 :Nginx piece

Chapter 11 :MQ piece

Chapter 12 : Data structure and algorithm

Chapter 13 :Linux piece

Chapter 14 : Resume


The whole document has nearly 200
page , It must be unrealistic to show it all to everyone , In order not to affect everyone's reading experience, only part of the content is displayed , I hope you will forgive me , I hope it can help you review before the interview and find a good job , It also saves you time to study by searching information on the Internet ! Click the business card at the end of the text for the required partners , Code scanning for free .

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