Mechanical hard disk :( Whether it is 500G,1TB,2TB,4TB,win7, still win10 System unification 60G All right )

C Disk size is :60G

Solid state disk :( Two cases , One is 120G, One is 240G And above )

120G Hard disk :C Disk for 120G, The whole hard disk is a storage area

240 Hard disk and above :C Disk for 100G, The rest is D disc , The whole hard disk can be divided into two zones

Mechanical hard drives have nothing to say , It's been used for decades , They all know better . Let's talk about solid state drives , By the way, let's talk about the little knowledge of hard disk .

There are two types of solid state drives , One is SATA Ordinary solid state disk with protocol , The other is new NVME Protocol SSD , Fast speed , Than ordinary SATA Solid state is several times faster , Can imagine , How fast is it . That's what I use myself , Samsung 960.

We know mechanical hard drives C The plate is divided into fifty and sixty G All normal , Why should SSD be so large ? And why are SSDs only divided into two zones ? In fact, we just need to know that their structures are different , Or different characteristics . SSDs take up more space , It needs caching , Why C It's so big , That's why , When our C When the disk is full , The performance of our solid state drives will be greatly reduced , It's not even as good as a mechanical hard disk .

So when we use solid state drives , Be sure to C Divide the plate wider , And try to partition as few as possible , Some people have only one area of solid state drives , This is the best . But if you have only one hard disk in your computer , Or is it recommended to divide it into two areas , This is for the convenience of reinstalling the system in the future , Or every time you reinstall , The data of the whole hard disk is gone , It's inconvenient .

summary : about C What's the right score , You can see the reference I sent above , There's nothing wrong with that . In addition, SSDs must remember , Less partition , Each partition should be as large as possible .

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