twenty-first century , It is called the era of intelligence , Various intelligent products have developed rapidly with the support of the network . Especially with 5G The gradual improvement of network layout and the arrival of the era of Internet of things , In a series of smart devices , The consumer electronics industry undoubtedly occupies a huge share , Led by smart phones, they maintain rapid growth every year .

Although consumer electronics are also durable goods to some extent , But it's actually two to three years at most , Then it will be replaced , Not to mention that a considerable number of people maintain the frequency of changing once a year . In this context , The smartphone market has always maintained a high boom , Its related power bank , Charger , Headphones and other markets have always been hot .

The data line interface will be unified soon ?

In a series of accessories related to smart phones , Charging equipment can be said to be the most important existence , Especially today's data lines . You can go out without a charging head , Without power bank , But you must bring a data cable suitable for your mobile phone , Otherwise, even if there are devices that can give power support , I can't charge myself , This is mainly caused by the non-uniform charging interface .

From the current mobile phone charging port , There are mainly traditional Android charging interfaces ,Type-C Interface and apple specific Lightning Interface . However, with the development of fast charging technology , The traditional Android interface has been mostly used Type-C Replaced by interface , In other words, there are only two interfaces left in the mainstream market . In order to further improve the convenience of users , The EU recently announced that all mobile phone charging ports are unified Type-C Notice of request ; And recently , China's Ministry of industry and information technology has also issued the same notice .

Such unification means , It means that there must be an interface to exit the market . From the announcement , Apple will obviously make changes in the future . In this regard , Apple chose to fight to the death , Start with the EU , The Ministry of industry and Information Technology launched a series of debates .

Apple changed all mobile phone interfaces to Type-C Interface representation , This will bring inconvenience to hundreds of millions of Apple users around the world , At the same time, a huge amount of e-waste will be generated . From this point of view , Apple seems to be standing at the commanding height of users and environmental protection , But is that really the case ?

Apple “ dilemma ”

First of all, in terms of user convenience , If it is really for the convenience of users , Why cancel the free charger and data cable across the board ? You know , Not all users who buy Apple phones have used Apple phones before , Not all families have one Lightning Interface data line , Not to mention that this data cable costs hundreds of dollars . And after canceling the complimentary charging line , The price has not been lowered in any way , Is this really for users' consideration ?

The second is the so-called environmental protection . This is what I said when I canceled giving away the charging head and data cable , This is still the case today , Is it really credible ? And the data line is a consumable , Is this a disguised indication that the service life of Apple mobile phones is decreasing ?

Why did Apple react so violently , Because once the data line is unified into Type-C After interface , Apple itself will lose a major interest chain .Lightning The data line of the interface is much higher than Type-C Data line of interface , It's not that its craftsmanship is high , How good is the quality , But because of all processing Lightning Factories that interface data lines need Apple's support MFI Certification is OK . This certification brings Apple considerable revenue every year , This is an important reason why Apple reacted so violently to the unified interface .

In fact, with the continuous development of the smartphone market , The advantage of Apple mobile phone is gradually declining , Especially in terms of charging life .Lightning The data line of the interface can only support 20 many W Efficiency of , and Type-C It has generally come 120W Realm of , The gap can be seen . However, Apple has not made any innovation breakthrough , Stick to one's own ecology , Go on like this , Cook's difficulties in the future can be imagined .


  Yes, of course , Except for apple , Some apple users will also have some opinions . But after all, most mobile phones are now Type-C Interface ,Type-C The interface data line has far exceeded its capacity Lightning Interface . Whether Apple or apple mobile phone users , We must conform to this trend .

The charging interface is unified , Apple day “ Sad ” Yes

The Ministry of industry and information technology officially announced , Where will Apple go ?



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