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If we think of human civilization as a car , Then the software development industry is equivalent to the automobile engine , Programming languages are like fuel for engines .

2021 The year will soon end . nowadays , The software development industry is booming in the world at an unprecedented speed . In the near future , The industry's global revenue is expected to exceed 3000 USD100mn .

In more and more industries , Have data thinking ability , Programming languages are becoming increasingly important , Being able to write computer programs has become one of the most valuable skills to learn .

Under the new situation of digital economy , It is very necessary to follow the development of technology trend to learn new technology .2022 year , Do you have any plans to learn a new programming language ?

In this article, we list 2022 Programming languages worth learning in TOP 7, Let's have a look .


To be exact ,Python It is the most popular programming language in the world , And it's always hot .

Statistical data display ,Python It has always been at the top of several major language ranking indexes . This also makes it one of the preferred languages for developers , It is also the primary choice for enterprises to use language .

Whether Android or iOS application development , Or build desktop applications , Businesses now hire people who use them exclusively Python Developers . This is also expected , because Python There are many advantages , And it is a top-level common language .

Python The biggest advantage is that it is relatively easy to learn , It also speeds up development time , That's why businesses like it so much Python Reasons for . And as a developer ,Python It also has the advantage of open source , And the online community is very active , This means that you can always get guidance and support .

Precisely because Python So popular , There is no shortage of talents in this field , But that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn this full stack language . Pay attention here ,Python Probably more Kotlin Other languages are slow , And it's not the native language of mobile devices , This may result in high application memory consumption .


study Kotlin One of the highlights of , Google likes to use the language . in fact , since 2017 Since ,Kotlin It has always been Google's preferred software development language .

Based on Google's priority Kotlin Innovative features and functions of applications , Developers only need to write code in this easy-to-use language , You can easily stay ahead of the competition . most important of all , You can use Kotlin As WordPress Programming practice , structure WP Website or development android application program , Server, etc . And as long as it is used Java Place , You can use it Kotlin, Because it communicates with this popular language .

It is also worth noting that ,Kotlin Very reliable , The source code of its application is easy to maintain , The language itself is clean and compact , This makes it quite easy to learn . Needless to say ,Kotlin It also greatly reduces development time through better teamwork and efficiency .


In top programming languages , Have to mention JavaScript, It has become desktop software , be based on web Benchmarking language for applications and even mobile applications .

You might think now , To be a good developer , You need to learn all the languages mentioned in this article , In fact, the more languages you master , The more conducive it is to your career development .

You know , Today, development teams and companies generally tend to recruit developers with multiple skills ,JavaScript Can make you even stronger .JavaScript The advantage is , You can write almost any code in this language . And it is particularly popular in the e-commerce industry , Used to write transportation applications and other back-end customer-centric applications .

All this shows that , study JavaScript Is a very valuable skill . Its advantage is speed , Versatility and reliability . meanwhile JavaScript High popularity , Because of the huge online community , It also makes it easy to learn .


After years of development ,C++ It has become a programming language for analysis and research purposes , Now it is one of the main languages for game development . that is because C++ It is the most popular game engine in the world —— Unreal Engine (Unreal
Engine) Main scripting languages .

If you want to 2022 In, he became a competitive developer in the game industry , You might as well learn C++. The language is useful for system software development , And integrating project management methods into PM Useful in applications and enterprise proprietary software . meanwhile ,C++ It also supports object-oriented programming and a variety of other programming patterns , This makes C++ High versatility , And it's easier to learn than some other programming languages .

in use C++ Time , The only trouble is that there is no automatic garbage collector , This means that you need to manually remove useless data . Built in friends Functions and global variables may pose some security risks , You can avoid these risks by managing access points .


Golang First appeared in 2009 year , But it is considered a fairly new language . in recent years , Both front-end and back-end ,Golang Have set off a wave of waves in the development community .

Golang It was launched by Google , The main purpose is to promote the development of functional programming , It has many advantages C Functions of language , Examples include garbage collectors , Better memory security and management , Structure type, etc .

For software that processes sensitive information ,Golang It's a very good choice . For example, billing software for small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises that need powerful tools to manage financial transactions and data . however ,Golang It takes more time and energy to learn , But for aspiring developers , If you want to work in the future web And application development , Then this language is worth learning .

meanwhile , It's still open source , So you have a lot of opportunities to master the language quite quickly . Today's businesses and users need simple and intuitive applications ,Golang In code efficiency , The advantages of simplicity and security are very important .


In the new programming language developed by Google ,Dart As a simple coding language, it rises rapidly in the industry , It follows C Stylistic grammar . That means it's fairly easy to learn , And it is widely used in multi platform and cross platform development .

As a software developer , You need a language that can be used to write applications for various platforms .

Take wearable devices , Nowadays, wearable devices have changed our lives in many ways , And must be connected to other equipment , Therefore, you have to ensure that these devices operate seamlessly in applications on different platforms . here Dart It can come in handy , You can Dart Building applications for any electronic device .

study Dart It's not necessary , But it is better than learning JavaScript This kind of traditional language has some advantages .Dart Easier to learn , Simpler Syntax , Especially in the era when rapid development and output have become the norm , This is a very precious trait .

07,Solar 2D

last ,Solar
2D( Formerly known as Corona) It is a software development kit specially built for the development of mobile games . Considering the fact that mobile games are becoming more and more popular , reach 2022 In the United States only , The value of mobile game content market will exceed 1210 USD100mn .

With that in mind ,Solar 2D It is an essential programming toolkit in the mobile game industry .Solar
2D At present, it is only based on 2D, But this is not a problem , Because in Andrew and iOS In game 2D The performance of the application is also very bright .Solar
2D The greatness of is that it uses a powerful Lua scripting language , And in Warcraft , Angry birds and civilization are widely used in games .


The above is the whole content of this paper , I hope you have your own answer to which programming language to learn .

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