in recent years , Data analysts are in great demand ,90% Job skills need to be mastered Python As a data analysis tool .

2021 The most complete in the history of Python Data analysis learning route , From the basis of language , Data tools , Business analysis , To machine learning , An article will help you do it , awesome !

Don't say much , Novice self-study Python Data analysis 4 Big stage , Start directly .

Phase I :Python Language foundation

The first step in data analysis is to understand Python language .

Python Concise language , Easy to get started , Including language foundation , Common data structures , function , object-oriented programming ; as well as Python Office automation knowledge .

Learning achievement : master Python Language as a data analysis tool , So as to be able to control the data analysis practice in different fields .

Phase II : Data collection and persistence

It's done Python After basic language , At this stage, let's learn data collection .

include Python Reptile , Crawler data storage , Relevant tools, etc . Not just about Python Network data acquisition , You also need to master the database MySQL Related operations of

Such as common operations of adding, deleting, modifying and querying , Indexes , Implementation principle behind index , How to speed up query , Transaction isolation level , Internal connection, external connection, etc .

Learning purpose : In the era of big data, more and more people are learning crawlers , On the one hand Python Such programming languages provide more and more tools , Make it easier to write crawler programs .

On the other hand, it is through reliable data , Provide ideas for the formation of visual data for subsequent business analysis .

If you need a source note tutorial, you can scan the code and get it from me

Phase III : Data analysis

This stage is the core stage of data analysis .

First, we will learn some Excel,powerbi,Tableau Data and visualization tools ;numpy and pandas As the basic module of data analysis , It is also essential .

Learning achievement :

Cultivate data analysis thinking through a large number of actual projects , So as to meet the requirements of a qualified data analyst .

Phase IV : Data mining and machine learning

From this stage , We are about to enter the relevant study of senior data analysis and Algorithm Engineers .

Learn some math related statistics , Such as statistical basis , Linear algebra, etc , Of course, it won't be as difficult as high numbers ( don't be afraid );

Then start Python machine learning , From basic to advanced , Such as classification problem , Regression problem , Clustering problem …

Learning purpose : After learning this stage , At this time, you can really achieve from introduction to mastery , You can start your journey as a senior data analyst .

For technical positions in the current job market , In addition to development , test , In addition to common positions such as operation and maintenance , Data jobs have increasingly become a hot job search direction .

This is also the reason why the student sister sorted out the learning route of the emerging post of data analysis .

After the previous combing and summary , I believe our partners have a deeper understanding of the post of data analysis .

Xuejie thinks , Find a job that really suits you , First of all, we should fully understand this position , Then carry out targeted knowledge reserve ! come on.

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