Recently, I found an interesting thing while surfing the Internet , Let's have a look !

As a former employee of Tencent , That's what the former employee said :

“ I think Tencent treats its employees well .”

“ There are basically all the benefits that should be provided : Morning and evening bus , Late in Shenzhen 10 Taxi free , No 996, however 1095 It may be normal , It's work 5 transfer , morning 10 Go to work at , night 9 Get off work at , Middle lunch break , having dinner , Fitness is OK . Normal holidays , celebrate the Spring Festival 9 Take yourself out of the day holiday 10 Annual leave of about days , Housing provident fund payment 12%, It is said that someone is a talent 5%, Like many small companies . In Tencent , Employees' opinions are not about overtime , It's assessment ,35 Age anxiety, etc .

As an ordinary user , I don't think I paid , Experience Tencent gave me 70 branch , Paid for the experience 85 branch . Why? 70 branch , I think its performance is regular , Many times , Well water does not invade the river . For my personal use QQ More than ten years , Almost no customer service , Why? ? I QQ Not sealed , I'm not here QQ Disordered group , I remember the password , Chatting is not antisocial , Anti human speech , Do not engage in pornography and other violations of law and discipline . You hardly do anything , Basically, things don't bother you . On the other hand , Ali is almost the same , I also use Alipay. , There's basically no big problem .

therefore , I feel a lot of people are playing the rhythm at random , Then many people followed suit , Sometimes you ask what it is , Many are , I heard , I think .

therefore , This problem with obvious tendency , Or public relations , Or questions from bad people , Such people lift one and press another , It's either stupid or bad .”


I happen to have a rare book here .................

that , See here , For those prospective interns who want to overtake in the corner during the winter vacation, are they also eager to try ?

hot wire ! hot wire !

Here comes the push post , Don't rush to the doctor again

Overtaking in winter vacation practice curve , Success or failure depends on it

Super Intern “ Three dimensional resume ” attribute , Direct benchmarking enterprise rigid demand , Protect you into the big factory

You can't win at the starting line just at the finishing line , Join the push

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