Just finished the test and development practice of byte a few days ago , I entered the talent pool the next day , The foundation is still too weak . The following is a recall version of the interview question :

* First, let me make a brief self introduction ( Defective , Can be corrected ), Fortunately, I prepared temporarily half an hour before the interview , But I still stumbled when I said it .
Asked some simple knowledge of computer network ,HTTP Request mode ( Didn't answer ),HTTP and HTTPS Differences between , Processes and threads ( Not very clear , This is a defect ), There are other problems , I forgot , But they are all basic questions .
* OS And the database asked me if I would , Of course not ~( Hard top )
* Asked about the project I did at school , One of them is made of web pages , Is there any user input information detection , No answer . the second android My project didn't ask at all , Maybe he can't see my resume ?
* Quick row , Forget , What a dish
Hand tear code , The first is a group of three numbers in reverse order , I didn't do it , The list index overflowed . The following analysis has two reasons : I just introduced myself to the interviewer during the winter vacation Python, Just want to show him , I lost myself , Should use C Done .Python Empty list of elements to add me directly like C Index used like that , Should use append() of , Hey , Poor academic skills ; Or maybe I'm too nervous myself , The first interview hand tore the code , In peacetime, it feels completely different to brush questions on the force button .
* Hand tear code , Maybe the interviewer thinks I'm too good , He worked out a simple problem , Binary search . With the lesson of the previous question , This time I'll use it instead C Done , adopt .
Test case , The web page cannot be opened , Network questions answered at that time ,URL Input errors and server side problems ; The interviewer asked me how to judge that there was a problem on the server side , Hey , Didn't answer . Later, I thought it should be ping Once , Why didn't you think of it ~
Test case , A search box similar to Baidu and button, The input of the answer is empty , A large number of characters and sensitive characters are tested , The interviewer suggests that in addition to testing the search box , Is there anything else ? I can't answer .
* Rhetorical question , Hey , I was so embarrassed at that time , Just want to finish the interview as soon as possible , I didn't ask . You should ask me something worth improving in the interview , annoying .
Sure enough , Email me the next day , Said I entered the talent pool , Or is the foundation too weak .

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