I saw this topic in Zhihu today , no kidding , I was stunned :


The general contracting of school recruitment is close to one year 40w, Have to say , computer yyds!

Look back on these years , It seems that every year after the school recruitment salary award , Will cause a wave of hot debate , Every year is a new high .

Good morning! , Is the word advantage . It seems that there is something wrong in the computer industry .

Last year, I was still complacent and hung up my senior brother's and senior sister's classmates , This year seems to have become the object of upside down .

Who did heaven spare !

I also said , I was in this business , It's all because of the poor results in the college entrance examination , It can only be transferred from the ace mechanical major to the newly established computer department , To barely get into this university .

As everyone knows , Fate inadvertently gave me a chance to change my life against the sky , I caught it, too .

Whenever I talk about my career path , I can't help but thank myself for decisively escaping from the comfort zone . Born in a different school 211,985
universities and colleges , After graduation, he joined a small Internet company , As an ordinary entry-level engineer , Although I often encounter challenges during my work , But the technology at hand is always limited to the surface , There is no way to start when you encounter a slightly difficult practical problem , There are no large projects .

This life lasted 3
year , The limitations of the company's platform and the lack of my own ability make me gradually lose my fighting spirit in this company , Live a high life, not a low life , At the same time, I feel very uneasy about the uncertain future .

It is said that three years is a hurdle for programmers , Can you promote or improve your core competitiveness , These years are crucial . One day I accidentally saw a big guy's experience sharing post , It tells about the way he went through the circle and how he finally entered Kwai Fu to achieve his counterattack .

Follow the boss's train of thought , I analyzed my actual level and situation :

1, Technology is not refined and systematic : Technical capability floating on the surface , Lack of understanding of underlying logic and architecture , I don't know how to learn systematically ;

2, Encounter workplace bottleneck : Stand 3 On the watershed of the workplace in , Not enough comprehensive ability , Want to raise wages, but lack of technical strength , Can only be eliminated ;

3, The interview is not competitive : Not from a famous school or a major , Want to enter the first-line big factory , But there was no news after every interview , Job hopping plans always fail ;

then , I combine the recruitment needs of big factories with the experience shared by big guys in the post , list 9 A capability that needs to be improved , If you are as confused as I used to be , I suggest you take a look :

of course , Want to learn more and master these abilities , I know it's not easy . It requires a high degree of self-discipline and a lot of learning time , The usual work has been very saturated , Self study blindly , Probably take detours , It consumes a lot of time and energy , There is no system for learning , No amount of hard work will be in vain .

According to the above promotion idea , I summed up one Java Learning route , This learning route also took me up to seven months , Realize access to large factories 40w+ A great hero of small goals .

First month :

Java Basic double disk ( object-oriented +Java Super class of +Java Reflection mechanism of + exception handling + aggregate + generic paradigm + Basics IO operation + Multithreading + Network programming +JDK New features )

Web On programming (Servlet+MySQL database + Commodity management system practice )

SSM From introduction to mastery (Spring+SpringMVC+Mybatis+ Commodity management system practice -SSM edition )

SpringBoot Get started quickly (SpringBoot+ be based on SpringBoot Actual combat of commodity management system based on )

Zero distance Internet Project Practice (Linux+Redis+ Double eleven second kill actual combat system )



1.Java Basic double disk

2.Web On programming

3.SSM From introduction to mastery


4.SpringBoot Get started quickly


5. Zero distance Internet Project Practice ( Imitation millet mall )


second , three months :

Advanced concurrent programming ( Concurrent tool class practice +CAS+ Show lock resolution + Thread pool internal mechanism + performance optimization )

JVM Depth analysis ( Understanding runtime data areas + Out of heap memory interpretation +JDK+ Troubleshooting of memory leakage +Arthas+GC Algorithm and garbage collector + Class loading mechanism, etc )

MySQL Depth advanced

thorough Tomcat bottom ( Thread model + performance tuning )

1. Advanced concurrent programming

2.JVM Depth analysis

3. Microservices

4. thorough Tomcat bottom

fourth , five months :

database ( tuning + affair + lock + colony + Master-slave + Cache, etc )

Linux( command + production environment + Log, etc )

middleware & Distributed (dubbo+MQ/kafka,ElasticSearch,SpringCloud Other components )

1. database


3. middleware & Distributed

sixth , seven months :

Open source framework (Spring5 Source code +SpringMVC Source code +Mybatis Source code )

Distributed architecture (Zk actual combat +RabbitMQ+RocketMQ+Kafka)

Efficient storage (Redis+mongoDB+MySQL High availability +Mycat+Sharing-Sphere)

Microservice architecture (RPC+SpringBoot+SpringCloud Netflix+SpringCloud Alibaba+docker+k8s)

1. Open source framework


2. Distributed architecture

3. Efficient storage

4. Microservice architecture


This time I can join the company smoothly , It can be said that luck and strength are mixed , But one idea I've always held is : Good luck is always for those who are prepared !

therefore , As a technician , Have an obsession with big factories , Then we should implement it , Believe that your efforts will pay off . Here , I also wish you all in the next golden three silver four , The interview went well , Pass the pass and kill the general , Take it offer.

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