Worked in meituan for half a year , Tell me how you feel , Meituan is a company with medium welfare , Middle and upper salary , Strong senior management team , Average overtime intensity , Good technique , General office environment , In the working atmosphere , Companies with large gaps in work experience between departments , I happen to be in a department with better work experience , And I know many departments with good work experience , If there is no better choice , You can come to meituan .

In most cases , Personal skill growth rate of programmers , Far greater than the company's size or business growth rate . therefore , Job hopping has become the most common word in this industry . actually , The purpose of job hopping is nothing more than salary increase or career development , I'm no exception . After graduating from ordinary undergraduate , Into an Internet company , In recent years, we have been accumulating experience , Finally choose to jump to meituan , The salary has increased 50%.

Let's share my personal experience and some suggestions .

Preparation before interview

1. Target enterprise

* Before job hopping , Be sure to think clearly about what your target enterprise is , To be a screw in a big company , Or in small and medium-sized companies .
* of course , Going to a big company is not necessarily a screw , The key is to see their own technical level and ability . So considering your actual situation , Target enterprise in meituan , Byte and Jingdong are three choices . of course ,3
Families have submitted resumes , Finally, I made great efforts to win in the interview with meituan Offer.
2. Time node

The time node of job hopping is very important , Different time nodes , The difficulty of job interview may vary , Mainly based on the degree of shortage and position HC Defined by the number of .

generally speaking , The following two cases , It's easier to get through the interview offer of :

In a hurry to hire people to work

When there are many pits at the end of the year

3. Resume preparation

Preparation of resume , I don't have to say much , Everyone should understand . The resume should at least meet the following points :

Project oriented , Design your resume

For the needs of enterprises , Highlight your skills

Three elements of the project ( project = product + technology + result )

Quantify your project , Give numbers

I personally read some big guy's technical notes , It includes some development skills and source code , If necessary , You can click the business card at the end of the text to get it for free !

( Limited space , Only part is shown , Notes include Spring Family bucket ,Redis,MySQL,JVM And other knowledge points )

  Basic chapter

JVM piece

Multithreading & Concurrent articles

Spring piece

MyBatis piece

MySQL piece

SpringBoot piece

SpringCloud piece

Dubbo piece

Nginx piece

MQ piece

Data structure and algorithm

Linux piece

Zookeeper piece

Redis piece

Distributed article

Network article

Design pattern

maven piece

ElasticSearch piece

tomcat piece

Git piece


programmer , The most precious time is calculated from the moment you start working “ Golden five years ”, These five years are the best time for you to learn and grow . Lay a good foundation for yourself , Can we take fewer detours on the road of future development , Realize your annual salary of 500000 , A million dreams . Click the business card below for the information in this article , Scan the code for me , free !

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