Today, let's share some platforms that can receive private orders , I believe you all want to become a software engineer or coder in the future , Find a good job , Good development .

But before looking for a job , You can take some part-time jobs through some platforms , One can make money , Be able to develop your own sideline when the home page remains stable . Second, through the project , A lot of practice , You said the types of contact would be richer , It can accumulate practical experience for you , You will also have an advantage over others in the interview .

Let's take a look at some part-time platforms with me ~


Domestic remote working platform , Order receiving platform

1,CODING Code Market

famous Coding Its Internet software outsourcing service platform , The platform is mainly outsourcing .


2, Open source crowdsourcing

Open source crowdsourcing platform in China , Mainly crowdsourcing .


What is software crowdsourcing

At present, software crowdsourcing is divided into simple tasks and complex tasks , The task of crowdsourcing simple software can be undertaken by individuals , Complex software can cooperate with multiple people to complete tasks at the same time

Its process is : First, the employer subdivides the tasks , After decomposition to the minimum , Then subcontract out , Receive the package according to their respective ability and knowledge level , Finally complete the task , After the employer passes the review , The project is completed .

3, Zhu Bajie

Find a part-time place , Mainly entry-level projects , Not suitable for professional programmers , The above requirements are released, not limited to the software development industry , More suitable for novices .


4, Programmer Inn

programmer , product manager , Designers and other Internet related personnel , Can find their own projects on it . Support freedom , Remote and part-time work , You can also hire on demand , There are many working modes .


5, Selected English


Although it is an external platform , When they still optimized some long-term criticized problems of external projects


6. Development state

characteristic : Clear service scope ,IT High perpendicularity of development project , It can attract some customers with clear needs .

The platform is also committed to using Internet software technology to improve efficiency for customers , cost reduction , Improve efficiency , Optimize management .



7, Ape urgent delivery

Platform features : High quality employers and engineers , It brings together the technology of well-known Internet companies , Design , Product Daniel , Through actual shift , Remote, etc , One to one problem solving for start-ups , Improve entrepreneurial efficiency .


8, Renren development

Visual rapid development platform - Jerde (Joget)/ Jiedeyun (Joget Cloud)(PaaS), Collection of numerous developer resources , Provide enterprise management software services for enterprises



Foreign remote working platform

1, Freelancer

Job types mainly cover program development to marketing , advertisement , Accounting can work remotely .




Stackoverflow It is a community that programmers love very much , But it itself provides programmers with remote work services ,Stackoverflow Jobs
There is a screening of remote positions in , There are a wealth of remote technical positions here . mutually Freelancer Easier to be accepted by programmers .


There are all kinds of people on the Internet , We should also pay attention when receiving orders ~


There are the following points to note :

What kind of private work can't be taken over

1, Personal to personal without third-party guarantee shall not be accepted as far as possible , There is no guarantee on both sides , If something goes wrong, you may tear your face and forget it .

2, As soon as I came up, I directly said what software to develop for me , Not to mention specific needs , Those without requirements documents are unreliable , Don't answer such projects .

3, as far as possible 442 Charging method , I.e. commencement and receipt 40% Project funds , Interim Income of the project 40% Project funds , Project end receipt 20% Project funds . No money at first , Try not to answer , This must be remembered , Otherwise, it is easy to pay labor and not get the income they deserve .

Don't give up the money , Incomplete code . Your result is code , If you don't give the money , He gave the code to the other party , It's also easy to get trapped .

Information symmetry between the two sides is very important , Integrity based

1, Some private jobs are mostly remote work , This requires that the information of both parties can be symmetrical in the process of demand communication , Especially as the programmer of Party B , Need to develop their own good communication skills , This can reduce frequent design modifications caused by unclear requirements , Project delay and other issues , Improve project delivery efficiency , Building trust .

2, At present, the market situation of programmers' private life is that there are more monks and less meat , In the process of receiving orders, it is likely to encounter peer competition and lower prices ( Some studios receive orders for a long time , Accumulate a large number of frame templates , Can deliver much faster than individuals , By reducing development costs , Drive down market prices , On the other hand, they will also earn more customers through some means , such as : Charge relatively high after-sales fees , Defraud Xiaobai based on entrepreneurship to pay some system franchise fees and so on .

Best choice 1-2 Long term operation of two platforms , It's best to find long-term partners locally and build trust .

okay , The above are some platforms and points for attention to share with you , I hope you can see something ~ Learning programming is important to start doing it first , Don't hesitate , Now let's start moving !


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