1. The first thing to know :RIP be based on UDP,OSPF be based on IP,BGP be based on TCP, These in TCP/IP The routing protocol defined in the protocol stack is used to discover and maintain the shortest path to the destination .

2. Then how to judge , Which layer does a protocol belong to : The implementation of a protocol depends on the function of the next layer of the protocol level .

3. judge :(

Premise prompt :

                                TCP,UDP It is a protocol belonging to the transport layer ;

                                IP It is a protocol belonging to the network layer ;

The architecture of the current five layer protocol is :

                                 application layer

                                 Transport layer

                                 network layer

                                 data link layer

                                 physical layer


                (1):RIP use UDP(RIP Use transport layer ), therefore RIP Application layer protocol ;

                (2):OSPF use IP(RIP Use network layer ), therefore OSPF Transport layer protocol ;( There are different views )

                ( For example, in the outline of the postgraduate entrance examination :OSPF The protocol is not used UDP Datagram transmission , But directly IP Datagram transmission , therefore OSPF Is divided into protocols belonging to the network layer
- In this regard, the party should take the examination outline as the standard );

                (3):BGP use TCP(RIP Use transport layer ), therefore BGP Application layer protocol ;

4. summary : If there are different opinions, the relevant data shall prevail .

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