so sorry , At present, someone has charged me for my code in the little red book , I feel very angry , I don't want to share the code , Please understand , Please don't take it for profit if you have downloaded the code , I reserve the right of retroactivity . I never thought a code could sell for money !! That's too much, really !!
Installation is required first python environment , If you are a novice, suggest Baidu , There are very detailed tutorials , Download the corresponding according to the situation of the computer python Installation package , I use python3.7.0 Version of , In addition, there are python2
, and python3 There are differences , But I am right python2 My understanding is not deep enough .
After installing the environment , I suggest you install one python compiler , I use pycharm, Free version , There are also installation tutorials on the Internet , It's simple , And the official Chinese plug-ins , Can be in file-setting Search for installation in .
After the compiler is installed , Please open pycharm, Then we create a project, stay project Create next python
file, It is recommended not to use Chinese , Copy my code after successful creation , Then right-click on the page - function (run), It's reasonable to run .
If there is any doubt, it is recommended to report the wrong information , I'll help study it if I see it . Interesting learning python! I hope you can make progress together ~~
You have some questions asking me , There's snow stuck , Maybe the value is relatively large , It is recommended to try commenting out other code , Individual call drawsnow() Method look . And they said they couldn't run , generally speaking turtle yes python Standard library for , unwanted pip Installed , I use python3.7.0 edition &

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