When we talked about the Internet industry , An inevitable topic is “ Involution ”, In the group of programmers , front end , It's definitely the worst .

After all, the front-end entry threshold is low , There is no shortage of primary front-end on the market , Many of them also write repetitive business codes in some small and medium-sized factories , In addition, there are more front-end newcomers pouring in , Inevitably, it falls into the situation of high involution .

therefore , Many front-end programmers are looking for breakthroughs , Hope to break through to the senior and even expert front-end , Become a scarce talent in the market ; Or hope to enter a big factory , Be able to receive more formal and systematic vocational training , Handle larger and more complex projects , Contact more and better colleagues and partners .

But this is not an easy task , There is no curriculum system of the science class at front end , Many front-end programmers learn a little here , Learn a little there , Not a special system , This leads to their weak technical foundation , I don't know what big factories really want , In addition, their growth environment is far worse than that of big factories ,
Want to grow on your own , Breaking through a dilemma is like finding a way in the fog , Many difficulties , It's also easy to give up halfway .

I went to consult a friend of mine, Lin Xi , He became Ali's senior architect from a front-end programmer , Have a say in the growth of the front end .

He sorted out the advanced level of front-end programmers  3 A very clear stage , Each stage also has corresponding capability requirements :

Phase I : benchmarking P6, Senior front end Engineer Ability to master : Solid foundation , Flexible application of framework , Component thinking , Engineering capability  

Phase II : benchmarking P7, Front end expert Ability to master : Core framework principle , Underlying design logic , Front end knowledge system , Business awareness  

Phase III : benchmarking P7-P8, Front end expert - Senior front end expert Ability to master : Technical liquidity , Architecture capability , Soft skills

If you happen to be a front end , Are worried and confused about their own growth , Then you can compare it , See where you are , What capabilities do you already have , What are the deficiencies that need to be remedied . Such a little leak detection and filling , To build their own front-end knowledge system , Easily break through the bottleneck , Advanced to the front end of senior and even expert level , Keep away from involution .

We should also mention it again here , Front end is a field strongly related to business , If you want to be a real advanced front-end expert , It is inseparable from better support and contribution to the business , Just improving technology is not enough , And constantly exercise their business thinking and ability , Achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase for business with technology , Increase revenue .

Of course, as I mentioned earlier , At the front end, the knowledge points are scattered , Fast technology update , Areas closely integrated with business , I want to learn by myself , It's easy to fall into confusion and anxiety , It is impossible to determine the current learning effect , I don't know where to go next . To be honest , Can take you out of confusion , Higher return , Followed by an experienced , A pioneer with a systematic understanding of front-end growth , Learn from the system nodes he sorted out , In this way, we can get twice the result with half the effort .

Lin Xi is currently working with geek University for a period of time 15 Zhou “ Front end actual combat training camp ”, I don't hesitate to recommend this course to you . Linxi itself is
An unknown small company , All the way to Baidu , Ali and other big factories
, He also grew from a front-end programmer to a senior architect , It can be said that he has completely experienced the transformation and evolution of front-end technology , It has also accumulated rich front-end advanced and workplace experience , You can't miss the guide on your way to growth .

in addition , The overall content of the course is also based on his sorting out 3
There are two stages to arrange , proceed in an orderly way and step by step , Improve your ability level by level , Provide a clear direction for your learning and growth , Help you break through existing bottlenecks , Across the threshold of large factories , Achieve workplace advancement .

Who is Lin Xi ?

Linxi , Former Ali Senior Architect , Currently in a AI Business leader of start-up company , Belt front , Back end team .

Worked in Baidu , Responsible for the construction of Baidu takeout front-end technology system , Cross end , Span App of Hybrid
Hybrid development architecture , It supports the rapid iteration of the business . Then join Ali , Participated in the research and development of component library , Developed a large visual configuration low code platform for marketing activities , Right frame , Componentization has a deep understanding .

More than ten years of employment , Linxi has completely experienced the transformation and evolution of front-end technology , From engineer to architect , Accumulated rich front-end advanced and workplace experience .

Curriculum design benchmarking P7

【 Front end actual combat training camp 】 The content arrangement goes from simple to deep , Application practice of existing framework , Also focus on cultivating your component ability , Engineering capability , It will also go deep into the principles and underlying logic behind the framework technology , There are also some contents at the level of thinking and methodology , Such as business awareness , Structural thinking , Workplace transition methodology and so on .

Swipe up and down to view the syllabus

in addition , Nine practical projects are designed in the course , Take you to improve your practical ability :

Item 1 :VueCore -- Vue Most streamlined core implementation

Item 2 :InfiniteScroll Component implementation -- Detailed implementation of common components

Item 3 :Table Component implementation -- Detailed implementation of complex parent-child components

Item 4 : Front end monitoring buried point platform -- Self built front-end engineering system closed loop

Item 5 :Node.js Client tools -- Master the necessary skills for engineering tool development

Item VI :Vue 3 Todo -- Vue 3 Core function experience

Item VII : be based on Docker of FaaS and Serverless -- Master the engineering and function technology in the cloud native era

Item 8 : Cutting edge technology practice -- Master intensive computing performance optimization

Item IX : Component low code platform -- Master the secret of getting rid of low-level repetitive work

measure , learn , Practice , Recommend all-round learning services

The training camp also arranged a full range of learning services for everyone , be unable to learn how to do sth. ? Do you understand ? I can't hold on ? Nonexistent !

Test learning level : Mid term , Two assessments at the end of the term to test the learning effect , Adjust the learning situation in time

Double teacher closed loop Teaching : weekly 4 Hours live teaching by lecturer , Match with teaching assistant of large factory 1v1 answering question , Ensure learning effect

Course practice : Match the course content for practical training , Real landing application

Graduation directly promotes the first-line big factory : Within one year after graduation 2 Second push service , Help you enter your favorite company

How to join learning ?

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