Linux It's free , GPl , Compared with other operating systems ,Linux The total cost of ownership of the system is low . although Linux operating system ( Distribution ) The performance on the desktop system is not satisfactory , But for the server , Mainframe and supercomputer support in global data centers , They dominate . This is mainly because Linux Generally free and stable , security .


below , We will be based on ease of installation and use , Factors such as cost of ownership and accessibility business support for licensing and maintenance , Recommend five excellent Linux Server distribution .


Ubuntu Is based on Debian Open source Linux operating system .Ubuntu Very popular , Many other distributions are derived from it .Ubuntu Server for building high performance , High Scalability , Flexible and secure enterprise data centers are very effective .


Ubuntu The server can run on x86,ARM and Power Architecturally , For big data , Visualization and container , Internet of things (IoT) Excellent support . Yes Ubuntu Advantages of , You get business support and services, as well as a strong and growing community of developers and users .

2,Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL), yes Red
Hat Developed for commercial use Linux Distribution . It is based on Fedora,RHEL A large number of software provided on are first Fedora Developed and tested on .


RHEL Powerful server , Stable and safe , It can provide software oriented storage for modern data centers . It's on the cloud , Internet of things , big data , Visualization and containers have amazing support .RHEL Server support x86,x86-64,Itanium,PowerPC and IBM
System z computer . adopt Red Hat subscribe , Enables you to get the latest enterprise software , Credible knowledge , Product safety and technical support .

3, ZTE new fulcrum server operating system (CGSL)

ZTE's new fulcrum server operating system is a domestic server system , Developed by ZTE new fulcrum, a subsidiary of ZTE , The new fulcrum operating system products also include industrial operating systems , Desktop operating system, etc . The new fulcrum server operating system is highly available , High performance and good security , Carrier level operating system with manageability and other characteristics .


New fulcrum server operating system to stabilize , Safety as the core , Support Godson , Sea light , Megacore and ARM Architecture and other processors , Compatible with a wide range of hardware platforms and a large number of third-party software , Provide higher performance KVM Kernel virtualization support , Implement kernel level isolation , To be considerate , High quality product customization and after-sales service , Provide security for key applications of products , stable , controlled , Easy to use basic platform , Deeply trusted by users , At present, it has been in power , e-government , Telecom operator , Large scale commercial in finance and other fields .

4,SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server By SUSE Build open source , Stable and secure server platform . It is designed for physics , Support for virtual and cloud based servers . It is ideal for cloud solutions that support visualization and containers .


It can be in ARM,Intel,AMD,SAP HANA,z Systems and Fabric Upper NVM
Express Running on modern hardware environment . Users can SUSE Subscribe to various types of technical support and services , Including priority support, etc .

5,CentOS( Community operating system )Linux The server


CentOS yes Red Hat Enterprise
Linux(RHEL) Stable and open source derivatives , So in operation, it is different from RHEL compatible . in addition CentOS It's free , So if you want to use RHEL And don't want to pay a lot of fees through subscription , Then you can try .CentOS Have community support , Therefore, you can still get the support of other community members and users . But there is no doubt that , The support and service of paid products will be more considerate , Problems can also be solved in a more timely manner .

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