<>1, What is? springboot

Boot By Pivotal New framework provided by the team , It is designed to simplify Spring Application initial setup and development process . The framework uses a specific way to configure , This eliminates the need for developers to define templated configurations .Spring
Boot In fact, it is an integration of many pluggable components ( frame ), Embedded usage tools ( For example, embedded Tomcat,Jetty etc. ), A framework for developers to quickly build and develop .

<>2,springboot Advantages of

For all Spring Developers get started faster

Out of the box , Various default configurations are provided to simplify project configuration

In line container simplification Web project

No redundant code generation and XML Configuration requirements

<>3, quick get start

Environmental preparation

* java 1.8 And above
* Maven 3.6.1 And above
* SpringBoot2.x
development tool

* idea
<>3.1, Create a new springboot project

<>3.2, Choose the dependencies we need

<>3.3,springboot The project was built successfully

<>3.4, to write Controller
@RestController public class HelloController { @RequestMapping("hello") public
String hello(){ return "Hello,World"; } }
<>3.5, Click Run

<>3.6, Browser access

Come here , We'll get started springboot Yes .

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