​“ Change in the morning BUG, I was notified in the afternoon ”

12 month 1 day , The news of massive layoffs was exposed , The proportion of layoffs is 20%-40%, In this regard , Iqiyi did not respond . A number of iqiyi employees confirmed the layoffs to shenburn .“ Now? , Many stations are empty .” An iqiyi employee said . As far as he knows , Only iqiyi literature , Just from 80 Many people have been reduced to 35 people

Before that , Byte beating Education , game , Local living business , tencent CSIG Enlightenment education business under business group , All exposed layoffs , News of job transfer .

Facing the dilemma of layoffs , How can I survive this winter as a programmer ?

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Interview manual , After years, job hopping friends can brush it well , It's still necessary , It covers almost all Java Technology stack , Very precious , Proper . I believe it will help you after reading it !

  The general content includes :Java
aggregate ,JVM, Multithreading , Concurrent programming , Design pattern ,Spring Family bucket ,Java,MyBatis,ZooKeeper,Dubbo,Elasticsearch,Memcached,MongoDB,Redis,MySQL,RabbitMQ,Kafka,Linux,Netty,Tomcat Interview questions for large factories, etc , Equal technology stack !

Basic chapter

JVM piece

Multithreading  & Concurrent articles

Spring piece

MyBatis piece

Spring Boot piece

MySQL piece

Redis piece

Spring Cloud piece

Nginx piece

MQ piece

Data structure and algorithm

Linux piece


Article 1 : Basic chapter

Part II :JVM piece

Part III : Multithreading & Concurrent articles

notes : With answers ! Limited space , Collated to network disk , Add assistant wechat at the end of the text , Free access .

Part IV :Spring piece

Part V :MyBatis piece

Part VI :Spring Boot piece

Chapter VII :MySQL piece

Chapter 8 :Redis piece

notes : With answers ! Limited space , Collated to network disk , Add assistant wechat , Free access .

Chapter 9 :Spring Cloud piece

Chapter 10 :Nginx piece

Chapter 11 :MQ piece

Chapter 12 : Data structure and algorithm

Chapter 13 :Linux piece

Chapter 14 : Resume


The whole document has nearly  480  page , It must be unrealistic to show it all to everyone , In order not to affect everyone's reading experience, only part of the content is displayed , I hope you will forgive me , I hope it can help you review before the interview and find a good job , It also saves you time to study by searching information on the Internet

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