Naked resignation in August , It's been almost three months now . The reason for naked words is , Want to change the city , Want to go to a better platform , So he resigned , The idea was simple , Go to your favorite city , If you like it, stay .

Too many people are preaching anxiety in today's society , Any search for naked words is saying , Never say anything naked , It's hard to find a job . But I think , The experience of others can only be used as a reference , Work can always be found , Can't you starve to death , Now that you have made a decision, you don't regret it and don't look back , Choose your own way , You have to finish climbing .

<> Broken thoughts in anxiety period

Although the mouth is not afraid , But in fact, I'm still a little anxious after I just resigned , Back home for a few weeks , I have been studying and reviewing interview questions with high intensity , I'm afraid I'll forget what I learned . Gradually feel tired , The more you learn, the more you feel that you won't have a lot of things , You can't lie down completely , He fell into a situation of competing with himself .

I really don't understand , I began to try to enlighten myself with the knowledge of psychology : When you feel anxious , You can get rid of your emotions , Observe yourself from the perspective of others .

So imagine yourself standing next to me , I saw a little girl who had worked very hard and was so depressed that she didn't finish the task that was almost impossible to complete that day , Suddenly it felt a little funny , What are you doing , I have to finish today , It's not that you can't live until tomorrow , If you're not sure when to find a job, have a good rest first , There's no need to be so nervous .

Try this every time you compete with yourself , The mentality slowly adjusted . At the same time , I'm also telling myself not to pursue perfection too much , Develop appropriate learning plans , Don't scold yourself when you're done . The purpose of resigning was to have a good rest before starting , In the future, if you don't know the content in the interview, just admit it generously and learn it later , There's nothing to be afraid of .

Self consolation while struggling , I found that I wanted to open it , ha-ha .

<> Happy time in the flying period

In September, my brother officially became a college student , So the whole family sent the boy to Chongqing , At this time, I have completely forgotten my naked anxiety , It's all over my head : hang out ! hang out ! hang out !

The plane arrived in Chongqing in five hours , Personally, I think Chongqing is very interesting ,8D City all around , Get lost accidentally . Chongqing's food is really worthy of its reputation , Can make a person who can't eat spicy can't help getting angry .

Previous research has found that Internet development in Chengdu is not bad. , It's just close to Chongqing , I went to Chengdu by train and inspected it . I think there are a lot of job opportunities , The salary is also good , The accent of the local people seems to be similar to that of Chongqing , The taste is spicy , It was a little hot when I went , Not as comfortable as Yantai , For a while , I miss the big steamed bread in Shandong , It's really the stomach of northerners , I can't change my love of noodles .

After staying for a while, he returned , Of course not because of steamed bread , Not so promising , ha-ha , After all, epidemic prevention and control is very important , He hurried back to Yantai . At this time, it is found that the climate in Yantai is really comfortable , Cool and fresh , Although I don't like its twilight now , Want to change the heart of the city is still unchanged , But you can still come back to provide for the aged when you are old .

I feel much at ease when I get home , He resumed his learning state again , It's better to play around , Knowledge forgets fear , Put the knowledge lost during the previous release back into the brain , Review it and remember it better , Good, good .

Speaking of it , Qingdao has always been my favorite city , Its vitality is very attractive to me , Although there are not many job opportunities , The salary is also a little worse than that of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou , House prices are also a little high , But I can't afford it anywhere , It doesn't make much difference ( Silently left sad tears ). And there are many tall handsome men and beautiful women in Qingdao , Birds of a feather flock together. , The desire to join a high-value city is very strong , Ha ha ha , So keep talking about the rhythm of walking , When the epidemic slowed down, he took his mother to Qingdao .

Come to Qingdao this time , Lost the filter of tourism mentality , More to examine some of the details of life . Qingdao was once a colony of many countries , The building is relatively old , Streets are named after provinces and urban areas all over the country , It's interesting . The local driver told us , Because after liberation , The street names used in the colonial period were very awkward , In order to save trouble, the government named the streets as place names , I don't know if what I said is true , It's serious anyway , You can see Guangdong Road , Hebei Road , Beijing Road , Tianjin Road , There is a kind of domineering that going to a city is equivalent to visiting all parts of the country . But there's one thing to say , The road in Qingdao is really narrow , It's easy to get stuck in traffic , There are more people , But it's basically acceptable , After all, every city has its own advantages and disadvantages , Not too harsh .

<> Adjustment of leisure period

Go back from Qingdao , Without much rest, he went to the northeast to eat ribs , ha-ha , I have to say the ribs are delicious . Time with family becomes less and less after college and work , Especially for children who are far away from home, we can only go back twice a year . After coming to the Northeast , The main thing is to recuperate with my mother , Cook and chatter in the rented B & B every day , Enjoy the rare happy company time .

No longer in a hurry to force yourself to study , Stop worrying about where to go next , let nature take its course , No longer worry about the unknown future . For three months , The state of mind gradually calmed down a lot . Stop and go all the way , While watching the scenery, I am also thinking about life , What kind of life do I want .

Life after resignation seems to suddenly press the pause button , No worries, no worries , Strange and novel . Think back , I have lived almost step by step from small to large , primary school -> junior high school -> high school -> university
-> graduation ->
work , I walked all the way to the present without breathing . I seem to like or get used to a life full of control , I feel that such a life is safe and comfortable , I don't want to take the initiative to change , Even afraid of change . But now I feel more powerful , He took the initiative to leave the place he didn't like , Stop and calm down to think , Explore what you want , Not trapped by anxiety , Face your heart .

Slowly realize , What I want doesn't seem to be a calm life , It's full of freshness , Always be able to run all the way to pursue , The positive state of being better yourself . Most of the people around us have chosen to get married and have children , And I might be the one who defected from the army , But that doesn't hurt . Now I clearly know what I am suitable for , What do you like? , Not afraid of being different , Will be more responsible for their choices , Be yourself freely , That's what I want .

Now I'm still on my way , I haven't figured out a lot yet , I didn't start the interview , You may want to go to Suzhou at the next stop , It is said that it is also a good city , I've heard too many stories and experiences , You still have to look for yourself to really understand . The present life is a very special stage of life that has never been experienced , Now Is Good , let nature take its course , I believe everything will have the best arrangement .

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