Item No :BS-XX-060

Operating environment :

development tool :IDEA  / ECLIPSE

database :MYSQL5.7


application server :TOMCAT8.5.31

Development technology :Javaweb+JDBC

The system is based on Javaweb Develop and implement a catering management system , Users can book tables online , Order and pay , The system administrator can check all dishes in the background of the system , table , Manage and maintain relevant information such as orders . The system has complete functions , The interface is simple and generous , Suitable for graduation design or course design .

The system is divided into two roles , One is the front-end registered user role : It mainly realizes online ordering table , order , Payment and other operations ; The other is the background management user role : It is mainly used for online management and maintenance of various information of the system .

The following shows the specific functions of the system :

Table information viewing

Table reservation

View menu information


Personal Center

Personal data modification

Personal order query

Individual order query

Table reservation query

Background management user login

System user management

Food information

user management

Table Manager

Dish management

Order query

Order management

Table reservation management

The above is based on the demonstration Javaweb Part of the functions of the hotel management system , Functions of the system
complete , The interface is simple and generous , It is a rare high-quality system , If your topic is about catering management , This system is more suitable for use .

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