<> Are you going to compete in college ? What competitions can you participate in ?

01, Why should we take part in the competition ?

1, Competition is an important magic weapon to make your interview resume shine , Whether it's summer camp , Or participate in pre push and nine push , Resumes are indispensable during the interview , A good resume is inseparable from the enrichment of various competitions .

2, Most of the competitions are team events , In the process of preparing for the competition , Can exercise their ability to communicate with others , Learn to unite , Learn teamwork , You can also meet like-minded friends .

3, The gold content of the competition is different , High gold content competitions can add color to your college experience , You can measure your professional ability , Study in Baoyan University , There is a bright spot on your resume .

02 What competitions can we take part in ?

College Students' competitions can be roughly divided into two categories: comprehensive category and discipline category . The scope of comprehensive competitions is wider , Students of all majors can participate , for example “ Challenge Cup ” National College Students' extracurricular academic and scientific works competition , China “ internet +” College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition, etc ; The requirements of subject competitions should be higher , Corresponding or relevant professional knowledge is required , For example, the National College Students' mathematical modeling competition ,ACM-ICPC International Undergraduate programming competition, etc , What are the higher gold contents in the university , What about the competition involving bonus points for comprehensive quality ? Let's have a look .
Evaluation project of innovative talent training and discipline competition in Chinese colleges and Universities

Here are some of the events

Many specialties , There are many valuable subject competitions , Want more information , You can log in to the national college student competition information network for more information . in addition , For some games , The school will also make a notice at the corresponding time , If you want to participate, please pay attention to the school's official website and the class notice .

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