<>2021 year 11 World programming language ranking

11 Monthly headlines :PHP Before losing 10 Name location
since TIOBE Since the index started ,20 Many years ago ,PHP Always at the top 10 Permanent player . lately , We see PHP Try to stay ahead 10 name .PHP Used to be Web
Master of programming , But now it faces a lot of competition in this field . This is not to say PHP He's dead . There are still many small and medium-sized enterprises PHP. So I expect PHP
Will fall further , But the speed is very slow .PHP Two competitors Ruby and Groovy This month also received 3 Location .Ruby from #16 reach #13,Groovy
from #15 reach #12. Other interesting moves this month are Lua( from #32 reach #26),Dart( from #40 reach #31) and Kotlin( from #38 reach #33).

The programming community index is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages . The index is updated monthly . The rating is based on global skilled engineers , Number of courses and third-party suppliers . Google , Bing , Yahoo , Wikipedia , Amazon ,YouTube
And popular search engines such as Baidu are used to calculate scores . It should be noted that ,TIOBE The index is independent of the best programming language or the language used by most lines of code .

This index can be used to check whether your programming skills are still up to date , Or make strategic decisions about which programming language to use when building a new software system .

<>TIOBE Programming community index

<> Ranking of other programming languages

<> Followed by 50 Programming language

The following languages are listed #51 reach #100. Because the difference is relatively small , Therefore, only the programming languages are listed ( In alphabetical order ).
ABC, Algol, APL, Awk, B4X, Ballerina, Bash, BCPL, Bourne shell, CL (OS/400),
Clipper, Dylan, Eiffel, Elixir, Emacs Lisp, F#, Forth, Haxe, Icon, Inform, Io,
J#, Korn shell, Lingo, LiveCode, M4, Maple, ML, MQL4, NXT-G, Oberon, OCaml,
OpenCL, Pure Data, Q, Racket, Raku, RPG, S, sed, Simulink, Solidity, SPARK,
SPSS, Stata, Tcl, Vala/Genie, Verilog, Xojo, Zig

<> Long term ranking

Here is a list of the top ten programming languages many years ago

Here are two noteworthy points :
1. In the table above “Visual
Basic” and “(Visual)Basic” There are differences between . until 2010 year ,“(Visual)Basic” It means all possible Basic language , include visualbasic. After some discussion , Decide to “(Visual)Basic” Split into all dialects , as visualbasic.NET, classic visualbasic,PureBasic and Small
Basic etc . because visualbasic.NET Has become visualbasic Main implementation of , It is now called “visualbasic”.

2. programing language SQL It's been a long time TIOBE In the index .2018 year , It was pointed out that SQL Turing complete . from that time on ,SQL namely TIOBE Part of the index . therefore , Although the language is very old , But there is only a short history in the index .

<> Programming language Hall of fame

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