I'm the one from 25 Lie flat every year ,30 I began to wake up at the age of “ Middle aged bald uncle ”, Once the man reached middle age , The direction of thinking is really different . I didn't want to get married and raise children before , Fishing in the company every day , I always think it's good to make money and spend it myself ,25 Earn ten thousand at the age of ,30 Ten thousand or ten thousand .

it is said that “ Life springs from sorrow and calamity. , comforts and pleasure end in death ”, In fact, most midlife crises , It comes from happiness .

But is this really the life I want ? The quality of life is not only not getting better , On the contrary, as prices rise, they get worse and worse , If you continue to be so unremitting , What if he is killed by the young king one day , So I began to struggle ......

I don't want to recall how tortuous the road of struggle is , But now I have joined Tencent , Income doubled 3 About times , The future is bright ....

Some may retort ,“ According to you , I have to fight , If you don't struggle, you will die , Is it wrong to choose a comfortable life ? Don't I have the right to choose my own way of life ?”

Those who say this actually have some misunderstandings , The misunderstanding is , A comfortable life does not mean that there is no need to struggle , It depends on your family .

If a Cong wants to choose a comfortable life , He can be at ease , Because he has a comfortable capital , And most of you , With theout this capital , If you choose a comfortable life too early , Then the ending is often tragic , And what you can do , At most, that is to let your offspring have the capital to choose comfort .

And you , There is no right to choose , therefore , Want a comfortable life , We must struggle first !

When I was ready to study , One of my big friends in the circle dumped me a job Java Core knowledge learning notes , He summed it up in his work over the years , Below I will release some directories and screenshots , Let me see how powerful this note is ( Space is limited and cannot be fully displayed , Click the business card at the end of the text , Scan the code and get it free of charge )!

* Part I Solid Java Basics (Java Basics + container + Concurrent +JVM)
* Part II Network knowledge ( Computer network technology +HTTPS Medium TLS)
* Part III Linux
* Part IV Data structure and algorithm
* Part V database (MySQL+Redis)
* Part VI system design (RestFul API+ Common framework + Authentication authorization + Distributed + Large website architecture + Microservices )
* Part VII Must know tool (Git+Docker)
* Part VIII Interview guide ( How should I write my resume + How to prepare for an interview + My learning method )
* Because the whole notes are comprehensive , Quite a lot , Here are just some screenshots of the material
( one ). Basics

1.Java basic skill

* Java introduction ( Basic concepts and common sense )
* Java grammar
* Basic data type
* method ( function )

2. Java object-oriented

* Classes and objects
* Three characteristics of object oriented
* Modifier
* Interfaces and abstract classes
* Other important knowledge points

3. Java core technology

* aggregate
* abnormal
* Multithreading
* Documents and I\O flow

( two ). Concurrent

1. Concurrent container

* JDK Summary of concurrent containers provided
* ConcurrentHashMap
* CopyOnWriteArrayList
* ConcurrentLinkedQueue
* BlockingQueue
* ConcurrentSkipListMap

2. Thread pool

* Benefits of using thread pools
* Executor frame
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Class introduction
* ( important )ThreadPoolExecutor Use example
* Detailed explanation of several common thread pools
* ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor Explain in detail
* Thread pool size determination

3. Optimistic lock and pessimistic lock

* What is pessimistic lock and optimistic lock
* Two common implementations of optimistic locks
* Disadvantages of optimistic lock
* CAS And synchronized Usage scenarios for

( three ). JVM

1. Java Memory area

* summary
* Runtime data area
* HotSpot Exploration of virtual machine objects
* Key supplementary contents

2. JVM garbage collection

* open JVM Mysterious veil of memory allocation and recycling
* The object is dead ?
* Garbage collection algorithm
* garbage collector

3. JDK Monitoring and troubleshooting tools

* JDK Command line tools
* JDK Visual analysis tool

Combined with this set of interview questions for large factories
Better effect

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