<>Unix and Linux What is the difference ?

Linux and Unix Are powerful operating systems , Are widely used server operating systems , There are many similarities , Some people even mistakenly believe that Unix and Linux The operating system is the same , however , This is not the case ,
Here is the difference between the two :

1. Open source
Linux Is an open source operating system , No charge , Ready to use ;Unix It is a traditional commercial software that implements intellectual property protection for the source code , Use requires payment authorization .
2. Cross platform
Linux The operating system has good cross platform performance , It can run on a variety of hardware platforms ;Unix The cross platform performance of the operating system is weak , Most of them need to be used together with hardware .
3. Visual interface
Linux In addition to command line operations , There is also a form management system ;Unix Just the system under the command line .
4. hardware environment
Linux The operating system has low requirements for hardware , The installation method is easier to master ;Unix The hardware requirements are quite strict , According to the difficulty .
5. User group
Linux We have a wide range of users , It can be used by individuals and enterprises ;Unix The user base is relatively narrow , Most of them are used by large enterprises with high security requirements
, Such as bank , Telecommunications sector, etc , perhaps Unix Used by hardware manufacturers , as Sun etc .
Compared to Unix operating system ,Linux The operating system is more popular with computer enthusiasts , The main reason is
Linux The operating system has Unix All functions of the operating system , And can be used in ordinary PC Implement all on the computer Unix characteristic , Open source free features , Easier to popularize !

Linux and UNIX The biggest difference is , The former is free software for developing source code , The latter is the traditional commercial software that implements intellectual property protection for the source code . This should be their biggest difference .

supplement :

, Current mainstream Unix There are three systems , namely AIX,HP-UX,Solaris, They run on their own Unix On the server , these Unix Server system , Have their own production CPU, Memory , Motherboard, etc .

, these Unix The systems are incompatible with each other , They each have their own system engineers , These engineers are generally familiar with only one of them Unix system , If you want to be familiar with other Unix system , You have to continue to learn , these Unix The system is not good or bad , Only different .

3, in addition , At present, the key application fields in various industries are Unix The server , Why? ?Linux Generally run in PC On board , Not very stable , Insufficient parallelism General application in small enterprises .

, and Unix The system runs on Unix On the server , These servers are very stable , It has been tested for decades , And these Unix The server CPU The maximum number of can reach more than 100 , The degree of parallelism is very high , This is PC Machine incomparable .

5, Currently in Telecommunications , finance , oil field , move , Key applications in Securities and other industries ,Unix The server is in a monopoly position .
So only master Unix In order to truly enter the high-end industry , It is very important for future career development .

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