Using traditional Spring Do it Java EE(Java Enterprise Edition) Under development , a large number of XML
The file exists in the project , cause JavaEE The project slowly became cumbersome ,, Cumbersome configuration and integration of third-party framework configuration , This leads to a reduction in development and deployment efficiency .


Spring Boot Not to replace Spring Solutions for , But with Spring The frame is tightly combined for lifting Spring Tools for developer experience .

Spring Boot As present Spring One of the hottest frameworks in the technology system , It can be said that it is a necessary skill for every developer .

No, there are little friends who don't understand ? If there is such a small series, in the spirit of learning from Lei Feng, share a copy of Jingdong boss's work Spring boot 2 My notes ( from 0 To the actual combat of micro service project )

Catalog overview


Java EE

Spring Boot Basics

MVC frame

View technology

Database access

Spring Data JPA

Spring Boot to configure

deploy Spring Boot application

Testing unit testing


need get Full version spring boot 2 My little friend : give the thumbs-up + After forwarding the article :

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