hello everyone , I'm spicy . Happy holidays , On line unimpeded character , None throughout the year bug!

1024 Programmer's Day is a common festival for programmers .1024 yes 2 The tenth power of , One of the basic units of measurement for binary counting . Programmers often work overtime on weekends and stay up late on weekdays , Some Internet agencies advocate annual 10 month 24 RI Wei 1024 Programmer's Day . By this year , It's already the second time programmers have 8 It's a programmer's day .

Let's see what other people's homes are today 1024 How did you spend programmer's day 1024 Programmer's Day .

Other people's programmer's day beauty hot dance

  Your programmer's day hot dance

  Other programmers' day beauty decompression

And what's next to you : Often work overtime , Bald easily ; Knock code , Changbei pot ; Plaid Shirt , Backpack ; High IQ , high-income ; Repair the computer , single af .

Other people's programmer's Day gifts , delicious food

What did you receive on programmer's day : 

Did you write the weekly newspaper ?

Have you filled in the overtime form ?

Code Review Have you ?

  The company arranged overtime

  Programmer's day in previous years


  sound of dripping water


B station  


Prepared Tencent Technology Week gift bag , Exclusive neck pillow with technology , Goggles and earplugs , Especially practical !

Byte runout  

Byte beat planned an offline Portrait Photography Exhibition for byte programmers , use 65 The face of a technical classmate , Present the diverse work and life of programmers , See the other side of the programmer .


They held a technology carnival
, Design Hairstyles for programmers on site , follow bgm dance , Quick eyes and quick hands challenge responsiveness ... And responding to employees' hobbies , Here comes a virtual live broadcast of cloud village , Upstream cold online pinch face , Internet script kill and other trend games .

The above content is pure ridicule , Please don't take your seat according to the number .  Happy holidays again ! Being happy is the most important thing !

This year's 1024 Do you have any activities in your company ? Leave a message in the comments .

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