I believe many students majoring in electrical engineering will learn PLC, I was also a major in electrical engineering , MITSUBISHI PLC, I also played Siemens in the back .

I thought it was amazing , Also interested in programming , But school is too simple , Basically let you compile a ladder diagram to control the motor, even if you graduate .

Later, I turned to MCU development , Sensory ratio PLC More fun , Because the cost is low , High flexibility , Playability is naturally higher .

Recently, we have several students doing endless MCU programming PLC I came to learn SCM .

I haven't done it PLC Work of , According to their description ,PLC My salary is actually OK , Basically over 10000 , But I travel too often , a year 300 I'm out on business these days .

It's okay if you're single , It's hard for people with families to accept this way of work .

Everyone wants to find someone who doesn't have to travel often , Good office environment , Industries with good wages .

But they do PLC of , In addition to embedded MCU development , There seems to be some relevance , There is no better choice .

If it is completely inter-bank , The energy cost is too high , People don't necessarily want to take the risk , After all, not everyone has the courage to push down and start again .

Imagine , Now you have a monthly income 1 More than ten thousand , Suddenly let you go back to thousands , This gap is frustrating .

1. Why don't undergraduates do it plc?

I've been in contact plc Programming of , According to my personal understanding ,plc Relatively simple , Basic junior high school diploma can be learned .

Finally exploited my parents for most of my life , I studied hard for more than ten years and was admitted to university , Finally, I came out to do what I can do with my junior high school diploma , Inevitably, it is the greatest disappointment to yourself and your parents .

The other is plc My salary is not very high , It's also easy to touch the ceiling .

If you consider starting your own business in the future , use plc The cost of making products is relatively high , Moreover, it is difficult for customers of this product to talk about it , It's usually hard to compete with big companies .

There are frequent business trips , Today's young people are more avant-garde , Also more personalized , In short, they all like to pursue a good environment , Forced gegao , A well paid job .

Not like our generation , Compromise for life , Bow to reality .

2.plc Which is more promising than MCU ?

Plc The internal core controller is actually a single chip microcomputer , But in 10 Many years ago plc The products also began to be made directly with single chip microcomputer , The cost of doing so is lower , It is also better customized , For example, elevator control panel .

Plc It is the secondary packaging of single chip microcomputer , That is, the peripheral circuit adds many protective devices that can adapt to the harsh environment of industry , And a set of standard procedures are prepared internally .

This is more convenient and simple to apply , And more stable , It is very suitable for industrial use , For example, automated production workshop .

This requires very high stability , There is a problem with the production line , If it is light, property will be lost , The most important is personal safety .

But from a technical point of view , MCU can also be completely replaced plc, But the cost ( R & D cycle ) Will be higher than direct use plc itself , And the ability of engineers is also very high .

Many enterprises are too lazy to toss , You might as well use it directly plc Higher cost performance .

even so , I did 10 MCU product development in , I personally think the future of single chip microcomputer will be far greater than plc.

Because MCU is a microcontroller , It can be very flexible to write programs according to our own ideas to complete product functions .

The product line will not be affected by cost , volume , Power consumption limitations , There are more types of products that can be made .

With the development of Internet of things in the future , MCU can have more use .

There is the later stage of their own business , As long as you have some experience , Make products by yourself , Relatively speaking, the cost of entrepreneurship is much lower .

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